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How to keep toilets from clogging

Any toilet can get clogged, but modern toilets make use of less water per flush this means chances of toilet clogging is more here. Clogged toilets can get messy fast and require some time to correct. And toilets are not going to get unclogged automatically. You can avoid clogged toilet mess is hiring a professional drain cleaner at the right time. The professionals know how to deal with drain emergencies.

Avoid Toilet Clogging

In order to avoid the toilet clogging, the very first thing you have to do is to understand that you are not allowed to flush all the items in the toilet. The items which are not flushable create build-up in the drain pipe. Over time, this build-up gets thicker and thicker. Soon buildup completely blocks the toilet pipe and results in toilet clogging. Thus, homeowners should avoid flushing paper, soap, hair, shampoo packets, jelly fish and other hard items in their toilets. Use dustbins to dispose these items.

Proper flushing can also prevent the toilet clogging. You should not flush too much toilet paper. Avoid flushing large wads with one flush. These large amounts ball up so that only the outer part gets dissolved and toilet paper and waste that go down, and after this they will create build up and clog the toilet.

Whenever you notice slow drain, address that issue. Slow drain is a beaming sign that your toilet is going to get clogged soon. If you resolve the slow draining issue quickly, you can probably prevent the drain clogging.

How to unclog the clogged drain?

You can try home remedies to unclog your toilet, but home remedies are like hit and trial methods. Since you apply drain cleaning home remedies without understanding the actual reason of drain clogging, sometimes remedy work while other times fail.

In case, you have not succeeded in unclogging your toilet even after pouring hot water, vinegar, baking soda and other chemicals, you need to call a drain company to get rid of this problem. The drain company will first determine the root cause of your toilet clogging and then provide the necessary solution.

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