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Importance of Grease Trap Cleaning at Restaurants

If you have ever worked in a restaurant, you are probably familiar with grease traps and grease trap cleaning. Many restaurant workers are all too aware of the unbearable smells which come from an unclean grease trap. Aside from making sure that your kitchen will not smell like rotting food, there are a lot of other reasons why it is essential to clean your grease traps every 2 to 3 months. Did you know that most states even require this by law? Below are some of things you have to know when it comes to cleaning grease traps in restaurants.

Grease Runoff Causes Pollution

Grease coming from poorly maintained grease traps could cause pollution. Grease itself can be detrimental to animal life. Also, it is important to keep your outdoor grease traps covered. Aside from the risks of animals getting in, this is to avoid rainwater from accumulating inside. When trap gets filled up with water, this can lead to a spill and allow grease running off and spreading down storm drains and into parking lots.
Just because your grease traps are installed outdoors isn’t a guarantee that they will not contaminate inside your restaurant, either. The stagnant food waste doesn’t just serve as a bacterial breeding ground that results to the smell but water combined with grease and food can also for sulfuric acid. Its toxic acid can smell bad and damage the concrete and steel from which the trap is made. Making sure that your grease trap has been cleaned and pumped up regularly makes sure that you wouldn’t have to pay for expensive grease trap repairs.

Grease Causes Overflowing Sewers

The main purpose of grease trap is for keeping the grease out of sewer systems. But, a grease trap needs to be maintained for it to stay effective. If a grease trap doesn’t get cleanings for a long time, the grease could leak to the drainage system of your restaurant and lead to grease clogs and buildup. This can then affect the water system of your system and cause the sewers to start overflowing. Once it has been traced back to your restaurant, there’s a chance that you will face hefty fines from your city.
To reduce the amount of grease reaching your traps, you have to regularly clean the grease machines under the sinks in your restaurants, and interceptors can be an amazing help. A reliable rooter service will be able to help you with the cleaning needs of your grease traps.

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