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Role of Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody Attorneys help in taking concern of the fact that with the ever increasing divorce rates, a minor’s rights need proper attention and care. To not leave any stone unturned, the government separates this process into one department. Courts appoint a child advocacy attorney to protect the rights of minors involved in child custody, child abuse, adoptions, visitation etc. They are trained to represent the child in any law issues, in cases of divorce when parent seek for custody of their minor a child custody attorney can help in working on all the details and procedures needed.

In this article we will learn about what exactly child custody is in respect to Law and how a Child Custody Attorney helps in easing the process.

Child Custody Type

When divorce happen in couples involving a child, there comes a need to clear out the details of whom and when will the child be taken care of. If mutually parents cannot decide on their custody agreement, then the court comes in picture.

There are two types of custody on which the court decides on, they are physical and legal custody. Where in physical, the actual physical care of child is taken into consideration and in legal all the decision making is categorized.

Apart from these two basic types, the court also has the right to decide the visitation measures to be effective after divorce.

 Child custody Attorney’s Role

With the understanding of what types of child custody there are, let us look at how an attorney helps us in this process.

It is obvious that the majority job role of a child custody lawyer fairfax is to negotiate between both the parties on important decisions.

Standing for Child support, custody, visitation and Child’s legal right are some of their basic job responsibilities. Also an attorney helps in modifying or enacting an already available agreement.

Though these job responsibilities seem like an easy task but an attorney has to put in more than sharing his expertise in this type of practice. The following many other aspects are needed to be put in to excel in this field:

  1. a) Ready to work long hours that is flexible in giving more than the usual work time.
  2. b) Less workstation based and more of travelling, as one has to travel to meet clients at home, courthouse or offices.
  3. c) Need certification before starting practice
  4. d) Presenting the child’s view to the court.

Overall Child Custody Attorney is a new field which is gaining huge popularity due to its immense importance in clearing and easing the negotiation process of a Divorce.

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