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Why do I keep waking up in the middle of the night?

Have trouble sleeping peacefully throughout the night? You get up anxiety calls in the middle of the night and wake up all of a sudden? There might be a lot of reasons regarding this. The sleep specialists call this a middle insomnia and also say this is normal unlike other cases of insomnia.

Problem in getting asleep?

As, our sleep pattern is guided by an external cycle majorly, which keeps changing according to weather, country, timing etc. Hence the behavioral sleep pattern reacts accordingly, citing problems while sleeping such as waking up in the middle of the night.

Also people who have disorders such as mild insomnia, sleep apnea and narcolepsy and so on might face problem with not getting a consistent sleep throughout night. A person suffering from sleep apnea may get up occasionally as the breathing is fragmented while sleeping which makes one to get up. While when it comes to narcolepsy, as one person is more inclined to sleep for long during the day time that in return makes them get up quite often at night.

Enuresis or bedwetting also leads to uneven sleep pattern. In this disorder, an individual lacks the ability to control his urine, which can be due to structural problems, anxiety or genetics etc. Even sleepwalking causes disruptive sleep.

Even some disturbance with our body can affect our sleep patter. Such as gastro intestinal issues, indigestion, stress, back pain or if someone has gone through a rough surgery recently then such things usually haunt ones sleep at night. As the discomfort level fragments the regular sleep.

Sleep disorder treatment

Apart from some external factors, an aspect such as age also hampers our sleep. Generally the older people do not get proper sleep i.e. with increase in age individuals achieve lesser sleep. But if it becomes a routine and the wake-up call is extending then it’s a must to consult a doctor.

Many do not realize but light, noise from a fan or cooler also wakes up many in the middle of the night. Hence try sleeping by putting off the light or by switching over to dim lights, as for fans and cooler go for the less noisy ones. Also make sure while sleeping you do not have your mobile or landline near you. Either mute the volume or keep the volume at the minimum many get affected by the volume and also many are immune to the reception.

Try a professional sleep disorder clinic or sleep medicine specialist.


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