Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Persian Rug

Persian carpets are a contradiction in terms. They are utilitarian and ubiquitous. These rugs are appreciated for their durability, quality and craftsmanship. The beautiful Persian rugs worth every penny you spend on them. Depending on the size, age and craftwork, these carpets can fetch thousands and even millions of dollars!

Know about Persian Rugs

Iran is the largest producer as well as exporter of handmade carpet. There are many types of Persian carpets available on the market. Among them, some carpets are genuine (handmade), while some are machine made which replicate the traditional design patterns of the Persian carpets.

Purchasing a Persian rug can be a challenging task if you don’t know what to look for. Just like you, many people are concerned about the originality of Persian rugs that they are purchasing. Well, in order to get value for your money, check out the below mentioned qualities in carpet before actually purchasing it.

Persian Rug Materials

Genuine Persian Rugs are made from arrant quality wool and cotton. You can even find varieties in woolen materials. The most common wools used for making Persian rugs are camel hair wool, Kork wool and Manchester wool. Even if you cannot distinguish among different kinds of wools, you can ask seller about the wool. And check if information provided by him matches with the information you have.

Persian Rug Labels

Every genuine Persian rug will have a label on its back. That label will provide you information of manufacturing country of the carpet. If that label state “Made in Iran”, then consider that carpet is genuine. Otherwise it is fake!

Persian Rug Knots

Persian rugs are traditionally made using single looping knots while Turkish rugs are made using double knots. However, modern Persian rugs are made by using any these two types of knotting. You should check the knotting before purchasing the rug.

Persian rugs patterns

Persian rugs display traditional layout and design patterns, and these patterns have changed very little throughout history. Thus, look for the traditional Persian design patterns whenever you consider purchasing the antique rugs.

In order to purchase the genuine rugs, consider reputable vendor. Nowadays, many vendors are offering genuine Persian rugs online. It means now you can purchase Iranian rugs from any part of the world.

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