6 Mistakes Allergy Patients Make Which They Must Not

To avoid making your allergies worse, make sure you are not attempting to do the following things this allergy season as advised by allergy specialist doctors.

Opening the Windows

This tip is super important, especially for people who suffer from seasonal allergies. It may seem stuffy in your room without opening the windows, but the wind carries a lot of allergens which will irritate you, in turn, causing more allergies. So, without properly covering you face with a mask, do not attempt to open your windows for some fresh air, as the air will only make your respiratory system worse and you will spend the rest of your day, sneezing and wheezing.

Not Avoiding Pollen

This tip is also very crucial to follow, if you don’t want allergies to take over you in any season, be it winter, spring or summer. One of the many agents that carry allergens is pollen. Pollen is the main reason why you get allergies, in the first place. So, to get rid of allergies or to relieve them, you have to take steps to eliminate pollen from your surroundings.

Pollen can cause stuffiness, irritation and an unpleasant feeling in your respiratory system, so getting rid of the root cause of allergy is very important. The hard part of removing pollen is that it is present almost everywhere, in your hair, in your clothes, in your shoes, on your hands. So, it is advised that whenever you come back home from being outside, make sure you are washing your hair, body and clothes to get rid of the pollen, that might be trapped in the fibers of your clothes and hair.

By doing this, you will feel a significant change in your allergies. You won’t feel sniffy all the time and your allergies won’t progress further.

Trying Different Medications

People with allergies are huge advocates of trying new medications to alleviate their seasonal suffering. But, this might not be the greatest idea. Trying new medications blindly, without checking in with a specialist or allergist, will only do more bad than good. Make sure that whatever medicine you are taking for your allergies is prescribed by your doctor. Only the doctor knows how your allergies can be treated, so it’s best not to experiment with different drugs yourself. It will not help you in any way and you might worsen the situation instead of making it better.

Not Treating Allergy at the Right Time

This is a mistake a lot of people make, and when it’s too late, the situation gets out of hand. If you are prone to allergies and you feel something is coming up on you, don’t wait too long until you finally decide to go about the route of medication. See a doctor immediately and let him/her prescribe you medications for treatment. If you wait too long, you are only making yourself suffer more. You will feel restless and agitated. This irritation can be avoided if you act on time and get started with your treatment as soon as possible.

Forgetting Your Eyes

A lot of people don’t realize this, but your eyes can also carry pollen, which can easily penetrate in your body and worsen your allergies. Whenever you come back home from somewhere, make sure you are washing your eyes properly with plain water. Your eyes, if they have pollen in them, will become swollen. This is a huge indicator of allergies coming forward. A lot of people with allergies also have irritated and swollen eyes, this is due to pollen. So, whatever you can do in your power to stay at bay from pollen, do it.

Using Perfumic Alcohols

This is also a very important tip from allergist doctor Germantown that you should remember. People with allergies tend to be sensitive to strong scents like potent perfumes or liquors. This can aggravate your allergies. So, make sure you are not applying any sort of strong and lingering odor on your body, don’t light any candles which are too strong for your nose, don’t diffuse scents that you don’t enjoy or that are too strong, otherwise you will be left with the worst type of allergies.

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