Important information one needs to know about early pregnancy

Can birth control pill increase birth defects of a child? This is a very prominent question asked by many women who plan to become pregnant. Some people believe that there exists some link between the increase in birth defects like pre-term birth, low birth weight etc and the use of birth control pills. But clinic gynecology experts ascertain that there are no clinical evidences to prove this argument and the modern research also show that this concept is wrong. But it has been established that use of birth control pills can reduce the risk of pregnancy. It also overcomes the possibility of ectopic pregnancy which means pregnancy in fallopian tubes.

But if one is taking progestin as the only medication for birth control, it can lead to an increase in the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. A person who is taking birth control pills has to undergo a home pregnancy test if she has any doubt about conception. The birth control pills have to be stopped immediately if the test turns out to be positive. Till the pregnancy is confirmed medically, the patient has to go for another method of birth control like use of condoms.

What are the effect of birth control pills?

Fundal height is the distance between the pubic bone and the top of uterus of the pregnant woman under consideration. Approximately the fundal height is equal in centimetres to the weeks of gestation completed. For example the fundal height for a 27 week pregnant woman will be 27 cms. There can be changes in the fundal height from the normal, if the woman under consideration is obese, or carrying twins or multiples or if has a history of fibroids. The change in fundal height can indicate some of the conditions stated below:

  • Slow growth of fetus
  • Larger baby than normal one
  • Less amniotic fluid (oligohydramnios)
  • More amniotic fluid (polyhydramnios)

In such situations your physician may advice to undergo ultra sound test to determine the causes for the unusual measurements noticed.

Hypno birth

When self hypnosis is used to help a pregnant woman relax, and feel mentally and physically prepared to face the pain during child birth it is known as hypnobirth. In this technique the patient is given lessons and given training to use a combination of visualization, music, positive thinking and suitable words to feel relaxed and put the sensations under control during labor. This technique can be used in combination with other birthing techniques. Researchers believe that hypnobirthing is more effective than all other methods used for reducing the pain during labor.

Implantation bleeding

The bleeding that occurs during the first two weeks of conception is known as implantation bleeding. This bleeding is considered to happen when the fertilized egg gets implanted in the inner lining of the uterus. It normally occurs around the time when the normal menstrual period would have commenced if the pregnancy was not there.  However, this bleeding is lighter than the normal bleeding. There are some women who do not experience implantation bleeding. There are also some women who do not notice the occurrence of implantation bleeding. Some people misunderstand it as a light period. Such people do not understand that they are pregnant until it is late. Implantation bleeding does not require any treatment as it stops soon after the occurrence. If you are worried about the bleeding found in the early days of pregnancy it will be better if you meet your doctor and get it clarified or get the pregnancy confirmed.


Some women show nausea during pregnancy which is commonly known as morning sickness. The reason for this is not clear. Studies indicate that this morning sickness is caused due to changes occurring in the hormone levels, or due to psychological changes taking place in a pregnant woman. One of the recent studies conducted in a group of 2400 women who experienced morning sickness, showed considerable decrease in the risk of pregnancy loss. This was very   evident among the  women who were above 30 years of age.

Air travel during pregnancy

Generally, it is considered that travelling in air planes till the 36th week of pregnancy is safe for women who do not show any health problems. However, it is advisable to discuss with a physician in one of the best abortion clinic Washington and ascertain whether air travel is allowable before deciding to fly. Your health providerwill advice you considering your health conditions and the duration of the flight. Many airliners and health care providers restrict air travel after the completion of 36 weeks of pregnancy. The best time for a pregnant woman to fly will be during the second trimester.


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