Basement Finishing Guide – How To Do Basement Finishing?

Basement is that part of your house that is often neglected because basement finishing will take most of your time and you should concentrate on the forefront of the house first. It is always in the back of your mind to complete your basement.

All you need to know about basement finishing

If you have recently shifted in a new house then basement finishing will not take up much of your time, even if you work on weekends, and if you are renovating your house then basement refinishing will require more planning and work.


This is the first step if your house is newly constructed but if it is already made then basement refinishing will not require this. Measure your walls and put them into place and frame them. when this is done your done your framework is ready.

Moisture Finishing

Basement is that part that puddles up after water enters into it. First, you will need to banish and dry out the moisture from the basement then waterproof it so that water does not enter in the future. You can build a drain where the water collects near your basement so that it does not enter in. You can also coat walls with waterproof paints and coatings.


After that, you will need to install the electrical wirings where you need them. You should call in an expert for the electrical fixtures. In case of basement finishing, the electrical wires should be installed from scratch.


After the electricity work, you will need to do the plumbing work, which us the bathroom fixtures. You will need the help of a professional plumber for this work.

Drywall Installation

This is a tie consuming and a tiresome task. A professional will be able to get the job done much more quickly with the better material cost so there is not much cost saving even if you do it on your own. The drywall will take time to dry out.


The floor cannot be overlooked. You will need to select the type of material you will want for your floor, wood, tiles or lamination. Go for something that stays well for a long time. Wood may look appealing but a little leak or breakage may result in disruption. Lamination is a good technique but it may require another subfloor and concrete. Tiles are the best option as they are easier to install and easy to maintain.


This will add beautification to your overall basement walls. You will need to find the best color which will suit your mood when you crave for some alone time and also to look appealing.


There are two types of ceilings, drop ceiling or drywall ceiling. While drywall ceiling is easy to install, drop ceiling gives you a myriad of advantages such as you can access any plumbing or electrical issues later on and can rectify them.

When this all is done you can add furniture and decorations of your choice making is cozy and welcoming and relaxing. In case of basement refinishing mclean va, your basement will look new by just changing the furniture and setting.

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