The Questions to Ask When Buying a Walk-in Cooler

If you are thinking about purchasing and having a walk-in cooler installed, you need to ask them the right questions. There are a lot of things to take into consideration before you buy a walk-in refrigerator. You need to cover every important point so that you are able to arrive at an informed decision and make the right plan. Freezers and walk-in coolers are able to cater to the needs of any kind of business when it comes to food service, industries and others. Moreover, the industry of restaurant appliance repair companies has flourished because there are more food businesses today that use it. Before you buy a walk-in cooler for your business, ask these questions:

Be Ready with commercial appliance repair Questions:

A Combo Unit or Not?

You need to determine whether you would go for a walk-in refrigerator, combo unit or a walk-in freezer. Walk-in refrigerators keep food fresh under 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Walk-in freezers keep food frozen at zero degrees. Freezers need panels that are thicker and refrigeration with a higher refrigeration system that consume a higher amount of energy. Combo units are able to provide the refrigeration and freezing that comes with separate compartments.

How Long Do I Need to Wait to Get a Quote?

Most companies have computer programs that lets the customer receive the custom quote on their phone. A lot of the quotes are this way, but the items that are not manufactured by the company and has to be specifically priced by the supplier are not included. These quotes cannot be automatically quoted but should be given within 24 hours.

Is it Better to Get an Outdoor or Indoor Walk-in Cooler?

You can have a walk-in cooler setup indoors or outdoors. If you want it to be installed outdoors, the unit has to be constructed for outdoors. The ground needs preparation that comes with a concrete. Outdoor units come with a door hood and rain roof that keeps water from coming in. There are a couple of options made for rain roofs that can either be a rubber cover or a metal that covers seams. You will need a winterization kit that is needed during winter to offer protection and keep the components of refrigeration. Walk-in refrigeration requires a unit that heats up to stop the food from becoming frozen when it is always freezing indoors.

Is it Possible to Send me a Drawing?

There are companies that have a web page you can access to get a cooler drawing after you have entered the information and they will immediately send you a drawing of the walk-in you want. If you need help, contact the sales department and there is a salesperson that can write the information and send you a drawing right away. When it comes to a very complicated drawing, contact their sales department and they can get your information and give it to you right away.

What are the Accessories?

There are smart shelving units that can utilize the storage space available and since a walk-in cooler is humid, avoid shelving units that are made of chrome unless an epoxy resin has been used to coat it. They offer rust and corrosion protection that will benefit you in the long run.

Thinks to know before hiring walk in cooler repair technician

In order to improve the energy efficiency of the unit, adding vinyl string curtains is a wise move because they are found in the doorway of the walk-in. The design of strip curtains is made for tinted or clear overlapping, and flexible material that becomes a barrier when the door is open for a long time.

One of the main priorities of people who buy walk-in coolers is food safety because they do not want to put their guests at risk for serious diseases. That is why a lot of restaurant owners buy a data logger for walk-in coolers. it is a device that’s small in size but can calculate the average temperatures and find out the problems that may arise before they become issues.

Buying a walk-in cooler is a big investment so ask the right questions. And a walk in cooler repair Arlington VA company should be able to answer your questions about maintenance if you have any.

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