Commercial Ice Maker Cleaning Procedure And Cost

Commercial ice maker maintenance is necessary to ensure its proper functioning and longevity. And cleaning is a primary part of commercial ice maker maintenance because overtime debris and dirt may gather around the compressor and affect the functionality of machine.
We have compiled a list of methods through which you can clean your machine easily.

Accessing The Evaporator.

Commercial ice maker maintainers suggest that in order to start the cleaning process, the front door of commercial ice machine should be opened to access the evaporator. All ice from evaporator must be removed.

Removing Ice from Dispenser

You have two options – either allow the ice to completely melt by pressing the power switch or you can press the power switch at the end of harvest cycle after ice falls down from the evaporator.

Check Your Machine’s Model

Different machine makers produce different models, so commercial ice maker maintainers recommended to check our machine’s model. Look for a “clean” or “wash” button. Press it and water will flow down the drain via water pump valve. Until the water trough is filled, you have to wait. The procedure takes usually about a minute.
According to your manual, add appropriate ice machine cleaner.

Waiting till The End of Clean Cycle

It will be 20 minutes till the clean cycle is completed so be patient. After the cycle has completed, stop providing power to dispenser and the ice machine.

Removing The Parts

Remove the parts. As a safety precaution, refer to the machine’s manual or contact commercial ice maker maintainers.

Cleaner Sol. + Lukewarm Water

You need a solution of cleaner and lukewarm water. Depending model to model, the dosage may vary. It is best to refer to your machine’s manual. Inside the manual, a figure of chart should be hosting the stats for correct ratio of each product. As a rough estimate, a general water cleaner ratio consists of 16 ounces of cleaner to 1 gallon of water. Depending on dirt deposit and cleanliness required, the actual amount may vary.

Cleaning The Parts

Use 50% quantity of water and begin the cleaning process. Most solutions will begin form formation, when they will come in contact with deposited mineral scum. After the foam formation, use a soft sponge or a cloth to carefully scrub the machine parts.
If the parts are heavily dirtied, all machine components except ice thickness probe can be soaked inside the soapy solution. In the end, rinse all the components with water.

Using Other 50% Of Water to Clean Foodzone Surfaces

While you wait for the rinsed machinery to get dried, use the other 50% of water to clean the foodzone surfaces of dispenser, bin and ice machine. Manitowoc ice machine repairs recommend using a Nylon brush.
Holistic Rinsing
Manitowoc ice machine repairs recommend to rinse all parts of machinery with clean water in the end. This prevents chemical contamination.


The price of cleaning your ice machine via ice machine cleaning professionals has a difference of couple hundred dollars. Depending on model to model and number of services availed, price starts around an average of 100 dollars and goes all the way to 700 dollars.
If you think the above mentioned steps are a hassle, you can always visit Manitowoc ice machine repairs for premium quality technical repairs.

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