Contemporary Oriental Rugs VS Contemporary Persian Rugs

In the world of contemporary Persian and contemporary Oriental rugs, a range of differences exist, whether speaking of their materials, designs or workmanship. One of the distinct dissimilarities that exist is the age of rugs that ultimately denotes it as either being modern or antique iteration.

A lot of popular rug scholars consider Persian and Oriental rugs produced before 1920s to be antique with everything coming after this period deemed modern. The main reason for the designation depends on the changes in the market, which developed during that time when the fame of carpets increased in the West and mass production was the best way to meet the demand. It led to the changes in the way most rugs were being made and the quality of pieces being brought to the US.


Without having access to the synthetic dyes, the early rug weavers were limited to what was available in the animal and plant kingdom to make the palette of the rugs. Usually, the creation of such colors were passed down from one generation to another, which results in natural and rich hues that stood the test of time and diminished from intense or misuse solar exposure.

The major advantage of synthetic dyes that nearly every modern carpets use is their durability. Even if they do not exhibit the natural dye’s innate richness, they’ll often endure in well-lit or high traffic areas for a long period of time. Some who collect the modern carpets are not searching for family heirloom or investment as much as they’re searching for a complement to the décor of your home.


While there are disparities in KPI in the carpets of antiquity, almost each single rug ever produced prior to 1920s was woven on a loom by a single weaver and by hand. There are times that this resulted in small error during its manufacture, but such errors have at times been observed as a mark of slight imperfections of a person, which is frequently sought after in handcrafted and high-end objects.

Carpets that are handwoven are being produced to this day, yet majority of what’s available in contemporary Oriental rugs market are made on machines that mass produce such articles for sale.

There are other differences of Oriental and Persian rugs. Depending on your preferences, you can always pick the kind of antique rugs on sale suited for your needs.

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