Discuss some most common allergy triggers

Whenever you feel any allergy symptom, without wasting time make an appointment with best allergist. There are lots of people who try to deal with this problem on their own by taking over the counter medicine, which cannot work properly. Additionally, the allergy specialist has access to all necessary equipment and tests which are extremely important to decide whether you have allergy or not. Allergy Specialists spend many years on learning about every type allergy that a typical family physician does not have. Visiting allergist assures you will get the better chance of an accurate diagnosis. So having a severe allergy, an allergist is possibly the best person to discuss.

About most common allergy trigger

Struggling with an allergy, trigged by the airborne pollutants, can be extremely irritating for all people. Here is a list of some common allergy triggers:

Dust Mites—

These invisible bugs are considered as one of the most potent allergens which can be found in some places of your house like moist, dark, warm, and source of unlimited food. Bed is also one of the best places to stay the dust mites. It feeds on the dead flakes of skin and dander, so our living room is considered as one of the most dust mites affected place.

Seasonal Pollen—

Pollen can be developed from late January to late November. This is a long time to deal with pollen if you have allergy with it. It can be unmanageable, if it is triggered by flower, weed pollen, grass and trees.

Reducing the air exchange between the indoor space of your house and the outside and filtering the indoor air with right air purification system are the most proactive steps to stop entering the pollen in your house. Before that, you have to determine which type of pollen triggers the allergy.

Gaseous Pollutants

Smoke from cigarette, fireplace or wood stove, odor from different household products, organic chemicals like paint, pressed wood, varnish, carpet or rugs etc can create the allergic air inside a house.


We all know that mold is necessary as it helps in returning the nature to its original condition. But if you have allergy, it could be little dangerous. Moisture or dampness means mold, that’s why using dryer can make your space mold free.

Try to remove staged or fallen leaves from the garden and lawn before getting it wet and packed down from rain.  Removing dead limbs which is another important allergy trigger and keeping the property free from debris will reduce mold growth.

It is important to visit allergy clinic va whenever allergy symptoms trigger.

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