Deal Back Pain with the Help of Specialists

Back pain specialist is a doctor that specifically deals with your back pain. Back pain is more than a general disorder it can turn out to be a chronic pain that would intervene with your routine. A general back pain would fade away in a month at the most. But most of the back pain issues that are caused by poor lifestyle and wrong dietary habits would take long to go away. Treating back pain with the help of specialist needs to be followed in accordance with your back pain issue.

Back Pain Specialists

Osteopathic Physicians

Osteopathic physicians are like MD’s they can write prescriptions and perform surgeries. Their work involves more of a musculoskeletal manipulation and studying complete structure to understand issues. They hold Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degrees and their training is similar to MDs.


To practice as chiropractic doctor students must complete four years of training and education through accredited chiropractic college and one year of internship. Chiropractic doctor works with the physical manipulation of the body, their treatment also focuses on spine manipulation. Trust only those chiropractors who have sound results achieved or who have well past records. There would be many chiropractors claiming to achieve a lot more than actually then can do. Honest chiropractor is better than others so you need to search well before finalizing any specialist.


Physiatrists are a doctor who specializes in physical medicines and rehabilitation. The field of physiatrists evolved after Second World War for the survivors with brain injury, amputees and other major and minor injuries to body. Physiatrists are clustered and mostly practice in urban areas. They are specialists in the field concentrating on sports medicine, geriatric medicine, and pediatrics or brain injury.


Surgeons practice under both orthopedics and neurosurgeon can treat back pain. These specialists work with surgery on the spine and would also solve the issues with underlying nerves. It should be noted that surgery for back pain must be only preceded after you have tried everything else for your back pain.

The first step to solve severe back pain issues will be visiting a local orthopedic doctor mclean. They would guide you through the process and would suggest the further steps in case you see no noticeable difference in the pain. Though you can take help of general doctors or physicians at the initial or primary stage of back pain, your doctor will tell you whether you need specialist or it can be cured by general medicines or exercises.

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