Everything one needs to know about lung cancer

Smoking and lung cancer are the two sides of a single coin. They travel hand in hand. Coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, bloody mucus etc are the common symptoms of lung cancer.  Radiation, chemotherapy, surgery etc are the common treatment options available for a lung cancer patient. Approximately one million peoples are killed as victims of lung cancer.  75 % of the people affected by lung cancer are not able to survive the disease. Out of the one million deaths mentioned above, 437,000 cases are those of direct smokers.

Though cigarette smokers know that they are fast approaching their last post, they are not able to move out of the magical attraction caused by addiction. Many people ask how a person is becoming exposed to carcinogens.  The reasons can be environmental as well as occupational. Direct and indirect smoking of tobacco is the reason for 80 % of the throat cancers. Exposure to asbestos, halogen chromium etc also can cause lung cancer. This disease is acquired in some persons by hereditary traits. It is shown by studies that people who develop cancer have on ontogeny for lung cancer. Studies are still continuing and final and clear picture in this regard will be available soon.

The peculiarity of lung cancer is that it develops unnoticed until it reaches later and serious stage.  At this stage curing is out of question and only life continueing drugs are prescribed which helps to keep living and reduces the connected paint. Wide variety of symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath, sneezing, chest pain, etc is felt by the patients at the onset of the disease. Most people take it silly and do not do anything to reduce the symptoms or to stop smoking. If you are an active or passive smoker and if you are having any of these symptoms do not delay any further, get the help of a qualified oncologist. Unfortunately no definite cure has been developed so far for lung cancer. Radiography, chemotherapy and surgical correction etc are the most common treatments available for lung cancer. Besides treatments there are some help from organizations that offer psychological, emotional and financial relief to the ailing patients.

Lung cancer is grueling disease, no doubt. But the intervention of self help group, palliative care groups etc with the help of governments in different forms have made the life of a cancer patient better to some extent.

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