allergy specialist Understanding whom to consult, a pulmonologist or asthma specialist?

Asthma and respiratory problems due to allergy are often inter-linked and it causes confusion among the patients as well as the physicians. Patients are not able to understand the need of specialist like asthma doctor or allergist near me for dealing these problems. They usually approach a general medical practitioner in an asthma clinic near mefor immediate relief.

There are many amazing general practitioners who can give you best medications and advices enabling the patient to conquer the problems related to asthma or allergy related breathing problems. But there is a limit up to which they can go. There are a lot of cases in which the asthma patients have been consulting with a primary physician for long years and shifted to specialized treatments when the condition grow beyond his control. In this article I am going to examine two types of specialized doctors namely, allergy specialist and pulmonologist, so that patients get a direct knowledge and select the suitable doctor for his purpose.

Allergy specialist

An allergy specialist or an asthma specialist is specialist in those special fields of medicine. For getting board certification in allergy/ asthma years of special training is required after getting medical degree. Lung testing is possible in most allergists’ office. Such a doctor can come up with trailer-made treatment plan for your kind of allergy or asthma. This plan will include medications and methods to pacify allergy symptoms, particularly those related to your allergy.


Pulmonologist is a doctor who has specialized in lung conditions and respiratory disorders related to organs like lungs, thoracic cavity, upper airways, etc. Other parts of the body effecting lungs in its functions are also included in the study of the pulmonologist. After getting medical degree a few more years’ specialized study is needed for becoming a board certified pulmonologist. Pulmonologists perform complete lung function test as well as diagnostic bronchoscopy based on the requirement of the individual patients.

Which one is needed for you?

If you find that the treatment from an asthma clinic near meis not giving any positive results to your problems related to respiration, you may require the help of a specialized asthma doctor. If you are a person who use rescue inhaler more than two times a week, or if you are a person who uses two courses of steroids in a year, then you are a fit candidate for consultation with either a pulmonologist or an allergist near me. For person suffering from allergy driven asthma, then an allergist is the right person for you. If existence of asthma is not completely diagnosed, a pulmonologist can use his tools and conduct a complete lung function testing and other tests that can confirm the existence of asthma.

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