How To Lower Air Conditioning Bill

A lot of people contact AC repair companies prior to the start of summer season in order to get their AC serviced to work efficiently in burning heat. However, air conditioners contribute a lot in higher electricity bills.

Tips to lower Air Conditioning Bill

Here is how you can reduce your air conditioning bill:

Check Your House for Leaks

It is quite a possibility that the air of your air conditioner is seeping out from some cracks, attic or through worn seals of windows or doors which results in lesser cooling in your room and higher electricity bill. It is important to check your room for seals, but you cannot check it with accuracy. For that purpose, you can call HVAC companies to send their skilled repairers and check for the leakage issue in your house. He would also tell you tips to reduce your utility bills by saving up the energy.

But, if you don’t want to spend money on an audit then you try to check for the leaks yourself by standing outside the rooms and move your hand along the door similarly do this by standing outside your house and check your windows, if you feel cold air escaping out then use caulk to seal the cracks and leakages around the windows and seal the doors by adding insulations.

Install Smart Thermostat

If you have not installed a smart thermostat in your house till now then it’s about time to do so as it controls the heating and cooling system of your air conditioner in your absence to save energy and your money. Moreover, you can also make adjustments in the settings by downloading the app on your mobile phone. For the installation of smart thermostat, you can contact any of the renowned HVAC companies.

Use Fan

You should not just always turn on your AC even when you feel slightly hot. According to the researches, a fan makes your room cooler by 10 degrees and also uses energy as low as just 10% of the total energy of a central AC. But if you want to get more advanced then install smart ceiling fans and connect them to the app through which you would be able to control the timings and speed of the fan to cut on the energy bill.

Keep Your Curtains Closed

When there is a rise in temperature outside then try to keep your curtains and blinds drawn so that no solar heat could enter your house and make it hot. Researches have shown that effective curtains and blinds can reduce the gain of heat by 45%. Once you start obstructing the entrance of solar heat into your house, you would notice a great save in your air conditioner bill. This is because when there is a lot of heat in your house, your AC gets overloaded and works more than its normal efficiency which results in greater bills and some of the air conditioners gets dead after getting that much load and needs a repair from AC repair companies that definitely cost an extra amount of money.

Lower the AC during Night

You should lower the temperature of your air conditioner during the sleep hours to minimize its output and make it run slowly. Lower the load on your unit, lesser it would be billed.

Get Your AC Serviced

Sometimes, all that your unit needs is a little service. There are many AC repair companies doing this job with perfection every other day. If you notice that your unit is not performing efficiently then call over the repairers and get it serviced so that the load gets reduced and lowers your AC bill.

Give Your Ducts a Check

Many cases have been seen where AC cooling escapes out through the ducts in attics so make sure you check your ducts whether or not there is any leakage as you would definitely wouldn’t want to pay for cooling up your attic rather than your house.

Many AC repair contractor Tysons Corner also aware people about these things in order to keep their AC bills within their budget, know about the basic things and prevent themselves from facing any sort of troubles later in the future.

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