How To Straighten Hair Like A Pro

Hair Straightening is a proper technique, and once you ace it, no weather conditions can beat your sleek and awesome look. It depends upon your hair, event, and sometimes the time of the year that what look you want to go with. Either you want pin straight or just smooth hair. It all depends upon your level of practice. Here are a few ways to straighten your hair like a pro at a keratin treatments salon.

What Is Your End Goal?

For the specific technique to apply, you need to know your end objective first. So, decide before, either you want rigid straight hair or just want to smooth out the kinks in your hair.

For Already Straight Hair

Depending on your hair type, you can decide the final look for you. All you need to do for someone having already straight hair is to straight the waves in your hair.

Divide your hair into bigger sections and press them against flat iron. It’ll smooth out the rough and kinky look of your hair. But, remember to press the heat tool from roots to the ends slowly. This way, you’ll be able to transfer the heat throughout your hair without having an inconsistent look.

For Curly Hair

For someone having thick curls, you need to divide your hair into much smaller sections. And then, press the flat iron from roots to ends.

The Right Heat

For a perfectly straight, heat plays an important part. If there’s not enough heat, you’ll end up wasting your time pressing the heat tool against your hair or your hair will get frizzy as soon as you go out in the atmosphere.

And, too much heat will have you end up with burnt hair. So, it needs to be somewhere in-between minimum and maximum, also accurate.

Now the question is, what’s the right heat for your hair?

  • For thin and dry hair, the heat needs to be: from 250-300 degrees
  • For average hair, the heat should be: 300 to 350 degrees
  • For thick, coarse, and heavy curls, the heat should be: up to 400 degrees

Also, the heat can vary depending on the conditions and hair type.

Prep Your Hair

After deciding your look and the amount of heat, there comes an important part, preparing your hair. Without the proper prep, you can’t get the desired look. Here are a few steps you need to do for your hair prep.

Blow Dry

To straighten your hair, you definitely need to wash them before to get rid of the buildup residue and products. But you also need to dry your hair before applying the flat iron to them. According to a hairstylist, your hair needs to be bone dry before straightening.

For someone with straight hair, they can let their hair air dry—no need for the blow dryer. So, have enough time between a wash and a straight. And for someone with thick curls, use a blow dryer. And always keep the dryer face down to avoid frizz.

Protect Your Hair

If you’re someone who straightens your hair regularly, you need to protect your hair from heat damage. Therefore, always use heat protectants before using the flat iron. It’ll help you avoid the damage, and the split ends. Also, use protectants that contain less oil.

Moreover, use a hair spray before and after the straightening process. But, the amount of the spray must be less. Otherwise, you’ll end up having crispy and fake-looking shinier hair.

Use A Brush

Use a brush while straightening the sections of your hair. It’ll help you to ease down the process. Or else, you’ll have to press the flat iron against your hair sections again and again.

Brush the section thoroughly and get rid of any tangles or messy hair. Then, move the edged flat iron from ends to roots, and you’re good to go.


For sure, no one becomes a pro in one try. It’s a game of hit and trial until you learn your technique. But, one thing for sure, if you start straightening your hair from the lower part and then slowly goes up, it will be perfect. Also, always straighten your hair from roots to tips, and never from the mid-shaft or tips only. Else, you will never get a consistent and perfect look. If you want quick results, get keratin treatment by hair stylist. hypno

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