The benefits of getting a proper night’s sleep

In the ancient days, sleep was not considered to be as important and was surrounded by a number of myths. However, with the passage of time, doctors and researchers began to understand that it is very vital for the proper functioning of the body. Today, there are a number of sleep clinics silver spring in every city that aim to aid people with sleep problems.

What are the benefits of getting proper sleep?

There are countless physical and mental benefits of good sleep. In this article, we aim to list down the major ones that you are bound to experience in no time.

These include:

Sleeping on time maintains your heart’s health

Strokes and Heart attacks are considered to be more likely to occur during the morning hours. This is due to the interactions of the blood vessels and the body’s natural sleeping mechanism. Due to a lack of sleep, the blood pressure gets worsened along with cholesterol. This increases the likelihood of a stroke or a heart disease.

According to the recommendation of doctors, one should get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.

Sleep can prevent cancer

Do you know that those who work late shifts tend to have a higher chance of developing colon and breast cancer? According to researchers, the melatonin levels get reduced in the body due to light exposure. This is the hormone that controls the wake-sleep cycle of the body. Moreover, it is said to be a natural protection against cancer because it also inhibits tumor growth.

So make sure that in the dark, you are in your bedroom and are not using electronic devices. This will allow your body to fall asleep properly.

Sleeping enough reduces the stress

When the human body becomes deficient of sleep, it enters into a stressful state. During this period, the functions of the body go on a high alert. This results in heightened blood pressure. At the same time, stress hormones get produced in the body.

Due to high blood pressure, there is an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, and other diseases of the heart.

In order to fall asleep faster, experts recommend practicing meditation and relaxation techniques so that you can counter the side-effects of stress.

Sleep can reduce inflammation in the body

Due to increased production of the stress hormone, the level of inflammation in the body gets raised by a high level. As a  result of this, there is an increased risk of problems such as diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. Moreover, inflammation is also said to be the cause of deterioration in the body as we get older.

Sleeping on time also improves the memory

As of yet, researchers have not been able to find a link why we sleep and have dreams. However, they have certainly found out that sleep plays a very critical role in memory consolidation. While we rest during sleep, our mind stays awake and processes the entire day. During this time, it makes sense and connections between feelings, memories, sensory input, and events.

In order to make links between memories, the human brain needs to fall into a deep sleep. So if you get quality sleep, you will be able to process things and remember them much easily.

Ending note

It looks like the benefits of sleep are rather endless. However, in order to enjoy these benefits, you need to get quality sleep. There are a number of sleep conditions that prevent that from happening. These include insomnia and many others. So in case you are suffering from such conditions, get some sleep center chevy chase right away!


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