Who is going to be the Next President of the US?

2016 presidential predictions are already in full swing. Who is going to win? Who is going to lose? Who is going to take the seat in the oval office? This time the predictions and exit polls to US Presidential Elections might not give correct results, due to the simple reason that competition between the Republicans and Democrats is going to be closer. There are fifty states heading to the polls, and each of the states and millions to vote, elections for the US president will be quite elaborate. The candidate representative of Republican will have an opportunity to win in his or her own home state.

Winning and Losing for the US Competition; When and Where!

Massachusetts will show tough competition for Clinton and Sanders, as the polls are closely placed. Hillary Clinton had an impressive winning over Bernie Sanders in South Carolina. In Minnesota, Colorado and Alabama polling has not been quite aggressive, and therefore, clear identification of winners cannot be ascertained. Ted Cruz has fair chances to win in his home state, and this winning will bring positive results very obviously posing shudders to Trump. Guess the number of delegates that are sent to parliament from the Texas state! The numbers seem quite alarming. 2016 presidential predictions will make a sliding gap, nobody knows to which side!

What will be the 2016 presidential odds?

Well, this year’s US elections to the president will be all odds, and less of evens. Whether it is Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, or John Kasich, what matters now is the winning. Each of the contestants in the fray enjoys their own popularity and great fan following too. But, odds are still there. The 2016 presidential odds persist, and need a close watching. The Republican candidate Donald Trump has registered the winning in all five states on April 26. He had an impressive 109 out of 117 GOP delegates. The figure shows that he is going straight ahead in the political competition. John Kasich and Ted Cruz have tried to form a fragile alliance with the sole purpose of trying and dividing the votes and gaining more favor from the voters, and the Ohio Governor and Texas Senator will have tough time in managing the popularity. Hillary Clinton, the powerful democrat, is not down in numbers either. She too had a winning spree in several states. Bernie Sanders on the other hand managed to register a winning in Rhode Island.

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