8 Common Commercial HVAC Problems

We all believe that commercial HVACs are only responsible for balancing the office’s temperature and that’s what most of the adverts of the commercial HVAC companies show. However there’s actually more that an HVAC system does like it impacts the satisfaction and comfort of your employees, their motivation and even your electricity bill. This HVAC just like every other thing, also comes with a few problems attached. To know about these problems you must continue reading.

Dirty Filters

A large percentage of company’s profit going into electricity bills is a very heartbreaking situation. Right? Like you can’t even cut down on it and compromise on your staff’s motivation to work and the ambiance, neither do you want to pay huge sums of electricity bills. How about I tell you that you can very easily reduce your bill by at least 10%? Want to know how? Simply by changing or washing your HVAC’s air filters if they are washable, every month.

These air filters filter the air and so dust is gathered in them and when you don’t clean this dust, it keeps on accumulating and a time comes when your filter becomes clogged. When this happens, the efficiency and life of your HVAC is affected and it has to work harder to serve its purpose which might result in a system heat up and so would require you to book AC repair expert at the earliest.

Not So Proper Air Balance

Do you ever face a situation where a few of your employees complain that there room/department isn’t cooling or warming up properly whereas the other areas are doing fine? This happens when the damper of your HVAC isn’t properly balanced. A damper is basically responsible for controlling the airflow in each room. To resolve this issue you must contact an HVAC repair service as soon as possible so that this problem doesn’t convert into something big.

Water Leakage

It’s a very common issue faced by commercial HVAC owners that sometimes water starts leaking from the unit. You must know that if you ever faced any such situation it means that your unit’s collector box, heat exchanger, or evaporator is having any issue and so you must contact a repair person at the earliest.


A routine maintenance is very important for a commercial HVAC system, it’s always a good option to sign a contract with a HVAC company to service and inspect your system on bi-annual basis. If you don’t prefer this then you must google up the cost and time it takes to replace the system and I’m pretty sure after that you be convinced to go for maintenance. Yes the figure is that big! Also, regular maintenance helps your lower your bills too. Who wouldn’t like that?

Unusual Noises

It’s very often complained by the people that their system is producing some weird noises which sound as if there’s water pump switched on or are similar to a motor bike’s sound. If you hear such noise it’s a sign that you must contact an AC expert. The reason for this sound could be a broken fan or a loose piece of ductwork. No matter what the reason is, don’t ignore the sound and continue using the system without contacting a professional repair person.

Reduced Air Quality

The quality of air you breathe is very important because it’s directly linked with allergies and many diseases. So if you feel that there’s unusual humidity or smell or dust in your surroundings, be sure to check your system’s air filters because sometimes they get clogged and so they fail to serve their person which is to filter the air.

Refrigerant issues

Refrigerant is basically a gas which allows the system to cool the room. Sometimes you might notice that your office is not as chilly as it always is, even though the weather outside is pretty much normal. This abnormality is the cooling might be because your system’s refrigerant is leaking and if this is the case then it should be catered as soon as possible because if not then no matter what you do your system just won’t cool the rooms.

Thermostat Can Start Acting Up

Thermostat is basically a component of an HVAC unit which is decides upon the timing and the quantity of cold or hot air your system/HVAC should be producing. So it’s usually your HVAC’s thermostat that is acting up, when you are facing any cooling or heating issues. Do you know what is the main reason behind your thermostat being problematic? It’s the batteries. If you haven’t replaced your system’s battery even after that low battery sign on your unit’s screen then the batteries get drained and so your thermostat starts throwing tantrums. It’s recommended by most of the commercial AC repair service Huntington to replace the batteries at least once a year.

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