Chimney maintenance: For keeping your home warm and safe

Proper chimney cleaning is a key to keep your home warm and safe as the temperatures drops. Ignorance of chimney maintenance can result many chimneys and fireplace related problems. Also, your fireplace will not work with full efficiency.

Tips for chimney maintenance

The warm fire of a fireplace can be a simple gift from nature. To keep things safe, regular inspection of fireplace and chimney is highly recommended. The way of chimney maintenance goes through fireplace. So, if you want no trouble with your chimney, you will have to take care of your fireplace first.

To make sure that your chimney is in good condition, you should do a formal chimney inspection. When you inspect your chimney, try to detect- chimney cracks, brickwork problems, cracks in chimney crown and other anomalies in the structure of the chimney. These small problems can ignite big hazards and also decrease the efficiency of your chimney.

Do not burn green wood in your fireplace. Green wood creates incomplete combustion. This results in accumulation of creosote inside your chimney which then either creates a blockage in the chimney or gives rise to house fire. Seasoned hardwood is recommended for wood burning fireplace. This wood burns completely and also provides more warmth.

Clean your fireplace on a regular basis to keep it in healthy condition. Just clean the ashes and other dust from your fireplace. During cleaning, look for the damper to ensure the fireplace safety. If fireplace is not cleaned time to time, these elements will go up into the chimney and result problems in the chimney.

In order to protect your chimney from snow, water, birds and other outdoor elements, you should keep your chimney covered with chimney crown. This will aid in increasing the life and efficiency of your chimney.

Hire a chimney sweep professional

The finest way to evade a house fire caused by the chimney or fireplace is to opt for the services of a professional chimney sweep. He can detect and repair the hidden anomalies of the chimney. These professionals can also clean your chimney from inside out.

Professional chimney sweep Annapolis has the necessary knowledge and tools that are required for chimney inspection and maintenance. These professionals provide the right and long lasting solution to chimney and fireplace problems. They can also enlighten you about some effective DIY chimney and fireplace maintenance tips. By doing this, you can keep your hearth in better health.

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