Easy tips for carrying out proper maintenance work of patios for keeping them neat and clean

Patios can be considered as outdoor spaces generally used for recreation or dining purpose which are connected to the houses and are often paved also. In some countries a roofed structure like pergola intended to provide shade from sun is also included in patios. Patios are generally paved with stone slabs, concrete blocks etc. They are also created by paver patio contractors using block paving tiles, bricks, cobbles, gravel etc.

Patio Construction Tips

Acrylic patios, glass patios, aluminium patios etc are common patios in use. Outdoor seating of restaurants is also considered as patios.  Patio dining is the vogue of the day and so many home owners are now constructing or planning to construct patios to their existing homes.  It is wrong if they think that once the patio is installed everything is over.  Regular cleaning and maintenance activities have to be done by the home owner to maintain the attractiveness and usefulness of the patio in his home. The following activities have to be completed on   regular basis for keeping his patio as new as it was when installed

  • Pressure washing
  • Re-installing
  • Sealing

Spring is the best time for carrying out patio maintenance. It will make the patio look great during the next part of the year. As the first step in annual maintenance, pressure-wash it completely and then apply a cleaning solution. There are special cleaning solutions specifically made for patio cleaning. No matter the intensity of dirt and stain in your patio, you will be able to find a suitable cleaner solution capable of removing all of them. You only have to make sure that they are suitable for the pavers.

Paver patio ideas

After finishing the pressure washing and cleaning with cleaning solution, the next thing to do is to re-install the poly sand. Poly sand is a vital component of the patio. Without it dirt will start accumulating in the joints and weeds will be growing there within no time. In the paver joint water might get in and can create problems with shifting of appliances in the patio or even while walking inside it.

It is very easy to install poly sand. You must give at least one or two days time for the patio to completely dry after the completion of pressure washing and cleaning. Then you can apply poly sand with the help of a broom.  You only have to sweep the poly sand into the joints. If you can use a compactor it will be good to get the poly sand settled well in the joints. After making sure that sufficient quantity of poly sand has been accumulated in the joints you can use a leaf blower to remove excess sand form the patio joints. Now you can apply little water for setting the poly sand.

Now it is the time to decide whether you patio needs sealing or not. It is an optional thing, though most clients find it beneficial and essential.  With sealing your patio will be protected from staining and it will protect from fading and erosion of your poly sand. There are different types of sealers and the life of your patio will depend on the sealer you select.

Depending upon the needs of an individual user one has to decide whether he needs a water based sealer or a solvent based sealer. For example some sealers are not suitable for wet cast pavers. You must understand the type of solvent needed for you patio from patio contractors or through web search and must give much importance to this matter. Conducting  proper research  will help you to find out the suitable sealer for you patio and this will help you very much in increasing the life of the patio and keeping it perfect year after year as sealer help the patio to brave heavy weather, sunlight, heavy traffic  etc.   Plenty of time has to be given after installing poly sand and before applying sealer. Sealer is usually applied with a sprayer giving special care to cover the entire area of the patio. The method of applying the sealer will vary based on the product one has selected. Some sealers need 24 hour time before they are exposed to weather elements like rain etc.

If one is very careful in following the above guidelines regarding the maintenance of patios, you can be very sure irrespective of the carelessness that would have been shown by the patio contractors long island, during its construction, it will always remain as attractive as it was when the patio was originally installed.

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