How To Remove Sewer Smell

Inviting sewer cleaning companies into your house to deal with problems like getting rid of sewer smell is a huge step which must be taken after appropriate inspection and evaluation.

Know about sewer cleaning

Continue reading the article to find out different ways for sewer smell removal.

Balance the Water Trap Levels

Always look out for water traps found near appliances including washing machine, water heaters etc. It is important to maintain trap water levels because when you use sinks for way too long, the water starts to evaporate eventually causing the sewer gases to turn up. Fixing water trap levels is not that hard, just pour some water into the trap which will fix the levels and the sewer gases will be blocked out. Otherwise, you can always receive the best drain cleaning services from leading companies.

Replacement for Missing Cleanout Plug

If your house has some cleanout plugs missing then there is a good chance that the sewer gases will find a way into the rooms. The empty spaces allow the sewer gases to come into your home directly from drain bowl. To prevent it, search for replacements at retail and home improvement stores.

Fix Cracked Sewer Line

One of the major reasons of sewer smells can be broken or cracked sewer lines. You may have to contact sewer cleaning companies to get your lines fixed because it is the hardest task to perform. The damage is usually caused at locations where sewer lines are completely invisible or hidden under the flooring. Hiring a professional is the best solution you possibly find.

Keep Your Shower Clean

Shower drains which are used once in while can cause you a ton of problems. Because of the imbalanced water trap levels, the p-trap remains empty and what better way could there be for sewer gas to make its entry? The evaporation of water from the p-trap causes the sewer gas smell into the house. To prevent such odor, make sure to disinfect your shower drain every other week for the removal of bad smell.

Clean Out Your Pipes

A dirty drain can cause a very strong sewer odor into the house. Drains usually get dirty when it is clogged with biofilm and its size increase over time. The worst thing you can do run water all over the drain, instead of blocking out the smell, the water disturbs biofilm surface and the smell gets stronger. The only way to get rid of biofilm is cleaning out your pipes in the correct way, hiring a professional to avail drain cleaning services is also a good option.

Fix Your Toilet

Like it or not, but toilets are the hubs where sewer smell is likely to produce because they are directly connected to the septic system. To prevent this smell, replace the wax ring situated between the base of the toilet and the flange and then protect the joint using a caulk since a damaged wax seal is one of the main reasons of sewer smell.

Take Care of Kitchen Sinks

Just like toilets and shower drains, kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks can also be the culprit that cause sewer odor. There is a good chance of the development of a bio film in the drains where the smell is originated. To prevent unpleasant odors, clean all the pieces thoroughly including pivot rod, pop-up stopper, p-trap, and goose neck. Soak them in hot water and use bleach for spot cleaning and then reassemble the parts. Pour boiled water into the sink to removing any leftover biofilm. Turn to drain cleaning services if there’s too much biofilm to unclog.

Clear the Plumbing Vents

Vent openings situated right above the main bathroom can sometimes be clogged or blocked. Dead animals, debris, leaves, or smut are the main reasons for a blocked vent which can cause sewer odor in your entire house. Every once in a while, make sure to check if your house is venting properly or not.

After grasping the necessary knowledge of home fixtures now you know the reasons behind the unpleasant smell of sewer. Make sure to follow all the necessary steps mentioned above before calling drain cleaning services NY to perform tasks that you can easily do.

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