Fighting False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very serious issue. Every year, more than thousands of domestic violence cases are filed in the court. The domestic violence laws were primarily designed to protect the women from domestic abuse. But, nowadays women are making false allegations of domestic violence on their husband to get a quick divorce, child custody, assets and many other benefits from the court. On the other hand, husbands who get falsely accused of domestic violence charges have to get punished for the sins which they haven’t done. Well, the system is not always fair!

Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence?

The punishments for domestic violence allegations are stern as they can consequence in a restrictive order and an exile from your own home. Not to mention it can restrict you from living with your own children and can affect you financially. These charges will definitely affect your personal and professional life.

False Allegations of Domestic violence

Domestic violence complaints are normally based on homicide, harassment, criminal trespassing, terroristic threats, criminal sexual contact and sexual assault. And these charges appear serious from the name itself! In case, you have any idea that your spouse is going to charge you with domestic violence charges, you should better sought out this matter with her. Talk about things and try to solve your problems and request her to take down the charges.

False Domestic violence charges are filed mostly at the time of divorce. Thus, pre-prepare yourself with witnesses and evidences in your favor. If you have not done anything wrong, you will definitely get much stuff in your favor. Also, when witnesses will speak by your side in the court, it will make you strong and domestic violence case weak.

You can challenge the domestic violence allegations in the court and explain the actual situation. Once your innocence is proven in the court, the wrongdoer will have to face punishment for wrong deeds.

If you have been accused of domestic violence charges, this post may have provided answers to some of the questions related to domestic violence, but it is recommended that you hire an experienced domestic violence attorney to represent you at trial. Discuss every aspect of your case with your attorney, so that he can get deeper information about it. A hard-hitting domestic violence attorney can better protect your rights. As told earlier, domestic violence is a serious matter and if not tackled wisely, it can ruin your entire life.

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