Guide To Tape In Hair Extensions

People are fed up of clips and they are looking forward to some new ways of getting their hair extensions in salons. Hair extensions can be done several ways and tape in is one of them. It is really looked up to.

Why Tape In Extensions?

You would certainly look around for a rationale to opt for tape in hair extensions instead of clip in hair extensions and other popular methods of getting the extensions installed in the midst of your natural hair. Tape ins do not make you feel burdened if you ever get them installed, they do not have plenty of weight and they would make you feel extremely light. They tend to perfectly blend with your natural hair. They, by no means, seem to pose any threat to the health of your natural hair.

How Are They Installed?

Tape in happens to be a small collection of hair that has got tape on both sides of it. You got to remove the sheet from either of the two sides and get it attached to your natural hair.

You do not begin from the top of your hair, you also leave the bottom behind, you start from the middle of the head — that too, in a way that the artificial hair remain concealed. Your hairdresser is simply going to pull up a bunch of hair that are visible on the surface, and she will get the hair extensions glued to the scalp, and the hair belonging to the surface will keep the artificial hair camouflaged. To be more concise, tape in hair extensions get installed amongst the root and the surface.

There is a humongous conflict between the hairstyling fraternity. Some like to get the tape in hair extensions glued directly to the scalp and some like to get them glued to the root hair. Some believe that getting them stuck to the root-hair can be slightly dangerous while some believe it is perfectly okay to get them gummed to the natural hair. Tape ins work out both ways, rest assured.

How Are Tape In Hair Extensions Removed?

Tape ins are not easy to remove as they are glued to the scalp and you cannot risk your scalp’s health. You have to hire a very experienced and mature hairstylist to get them removed, especially. Almost anyone of this profession can do the installment but not everyone is capable of a safe hair extension removal.

While getting the tape in hair extensions installed, we have to be extraordinarily careful that the root-hair do not get stuck to the tape, because during the removal, it can tuck them out. To avoid losing a decent amount of your hair, these intricacies need to be taken care of.

In case, the tape catches some of your root-hair, you can buy a bond-removing hair gel that is void of all harms posed to your hair. When buying such a hair product, you need to be sure that it does not tend to go flammable on your natural hair.

Is Shampooing Detrimental for Tape In Hair Extensions?

You can fearlessly shampoo your hair as often as you want. No shampoo or conditioner is likely to get your extensions disturbed. Be watchful that the shampoo you are using should not be carrying alcohol because it is likely to un-bond your extensions as it has a high tendency to compel the glue to leave its place.

No ordinary shampoo tends to harm or detach your tape in hair extensions. You can wash your hair off as many times as you want without worrying about the consequences. Also, you are recommended to deep-condition your hair because it will keep your extensions in a rather good health.

Are Tape In Hair Extensions Only For Fine Hair?

Tape ins blend perfectly with straight and wavy hair, be it thick or thin. The density and thickness of your hair barely matters, what matters most is the shape, texture of your hair.

Tape in hair extensions mix well with thin and straight hair, they are also feasible for wavy hair but when it comes to curly hair, tape ins do not fill the bill. All top-notch salons that do hair extensions Potomac recommend people with curly hair to get their hair extended in an otherwise manner as tape in hair extensions are least apt for their hair texture.

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