How much do the computer programmers make

Employment of the highly qualified computer programmers is expected to grow by a minimum of 8 percent from the year 2015 to 2022. The main benefit of computer programming profession is that it can be done from anywhere of the world. This is the main reason that the top notch giants in the field of programming hire computer programmers from the countries where the salaries or the wages of programmers are low. Also, a great number of computer programmers work in the design related field. This industry that is expected to grow at a very high pace because of the increasing demand for new computer software by different companies. It also includes the services of the software that is offered online over the Internet, and that is of a very low cost to the firms.

Education of a computer programmer

Undergraduate official document and associate’s degrees are sufficient for some of the entry-level job positions in computer programming field. But, they are sufficient only if the prospective computer programmer has a good knowledge of the subject clubbed with a great work experience preferably with some well-known employers. Most employers want that the computer programmers should hold at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, mathematics or information systems. Some jobs that pay more and are more critical require a master’s degree. Graduate certifications in computer programming are often followed by the individuals to supplement a bachelor’s degree in another related field. Typical courses that a computer programmer must cover during his education are programming languages and logic, system design and development, database management and structured query language (SQL).

Because of the rapid advancement and continuously changing nature of this field, computer programmers are recommended to undertake further some advanced level certifications to build up their expertise. These certifications are offered to the computer programmers by some professional and academic bodies. With experience and additional courses, the computer programmers can go on to further advance positions in their present or other organizations like lead programmers, supervisors or analysts.

Salary of a programmer

A Computer Programmer earns a median salary of Rs 2, 69,061 per year. The computer programming skill is linked with most of the high paying jobs for computer programmers. Also many computer programmers in this field move on to different higher positions in say around a time frame of 10 years.


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