How to increase reviews for your business

There is no doubt that product reviews and testimonials can be the single most important factor drive your sales high. According to more than 70% of the consumers, product reviews and testimonials carry great importance. That is why successful sellers always rely on customer review software to manage their reviews.

With that, more than 63% of them say that they are more likely to buy from websites that have a higher product rating. Due to the social proof, the hesitant shoppers are able to reassure themselves and provide themselves some additional context.

Hence, it is important for every business on the internet to focus on their online reviews. The more positive online reviews there are, the better the impact will be on the business.

Increasing your online reviews

In this article, we put together several ways that you can rely on to increase your positive online reviews. These include the following:

Put your reviews front

When customers open their website, they should see the good reviews right there. This should in fact, be the first thing that the customers see. In case you have these reviews set in the front of your homepage, chances are that buyers or customers will get the reassurance right there. You may also want to rank your website on Google.

With that, make sure that you are responding to these reviews in a professional manner. Basically, the way you respond to the negative reviews also tells a lot about your brand/service. And mind it, customers are always observing things like these.

And they often judge a brand based on the way it chooses to deal with the negative reviews. So, this brings us to our second tip.

Always be professional

Whether you agree with the reviews or not, it is incredibly important to always be professional with them. Of course, sometimes the customer can be wrong too. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding or something.

Just do not let it get to your head and try to maintain a very professional tone. Otherwise, it will simply backfire on you even further.

As far as the good reviews go, respond them with a polite ‘thank you’. However, at the same time, take the time to ask what went wrong if someone leaves a bad review. Furthermore, do whatever you can in your capacity to turn the negative experience into a positive one.

The way you deal with the negative reviews can actually lessen their impact and in some cases, even give you an advantage. This way, potential customers will know that you care and hence even if they have a bad experience, you will correct it.

Encourage feedback

With that, do not forget to encourage your customers to leave a feedback. You see, brands who are confident about their services do not have anything to worry about. Such businesses encourage the customers to leave an honest feedback.

After all, there is nothing to be scared of. But if your service is not up to the mark, this step could actually backfire and make it worse for u. So, make sure that you service is good first.


There are many ways you can use to increase feedback about your business on the internet. Now, good feedback can do wonders for your business and make it easy for you to drive your sales higher. Always remember to keep the quality of your service up to the mark though.

With that, do not forget to invest in a review management system also. For instance, if you own a hotels and travel business, you will need software to manage all the reviews that you may be getting on different internet platforms.


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