Types of commercial appliances

If you own a restaurant or a service the provides catering, then you would certainly also need some commercial appliances for your business. Now, the type of appliances you need depend on your requirements. Though, note that you will often need commercial appliances repair. The main reason for this is the nature of the appliances itself.

You see, commercial appliances tend to work very hard. As a result of this, these appliances are also susceptible to shutting down at times. And the reasons for the shutdown can be both big and small. You never know until you call in a professional inspector who checks the machine inside out.

Though, mostly the issues are small and get resolved. However, that only happens if you call a maintenance or repair company right away. In case you keep delaying the repair, chances are that your appliance will suffer greater damage.

Different types of commercial appliances

Nevertheless, in this article, we aim to discuss the different types of commercial appliances that are available in the market.

There are two types of commercial ranges available in the market. Firstly, you can buy the electric range. Secondly, you can also get the gas range. Now the choice depends on your requirements and the specifications that you are looking for.

Typically, electric ranges have a specific power rating that varies from region to region. Moreover, they can be more expensive but convenient and easy to operate. In comparison, gas ranges tend to have lower energy costs, but they may not be very convenient for some stores.

Below, you can find a list of the most common types of commercial appliances. These include:

Exhaust hoods

Commercial exhaust hoods are an important part of almost all types of commercial kitchens. They are made for safe operation inside the kitchen. Firstly, they are used to remove the steam and fumes in the kitchen. At the same time, they can also filter out food particles and grease.

Walk in freezers

In a residential kitchen, you will not find a walk-in freezer. However, they are very common in large restaurants. These big freezers are like a whole room in which items are kept. Typically, walk in freezers are used to freeze boxes of items that cannot go into regular freezers. This is why they are used on a commercial level, because in residential properties, there is no need to store such a high number of items.

Commercial fryers

Next up, we have the commercial fryers. These fryers can be used to fry everything from French fries to chicken wings. Commercial deep fryers can cook some of the most amazing food choices such as fries, donuts, and a lot more.

Commercial fryers tend to be very large in comparison to the fryers that are designed for the home. As a result of this, you are not likely to find them in homes either. The main purpose of commercial fryers is to fry a large number of items in as less time as possible.

And in your home, you can do just fine without a commercial fryer. Hence, residential fryers are more common in household kitchens.


The above mentioned types are the most common commercial appliances that you can find in almost all kitchens. Of course, there are many more appliances. However, all of them have different purposes and different commercial kitchens will employ them based on what their requirements are.

But note that commercial appliances work very hard and hence they also require some regular maintenance. For instance, in the case of an oven, you can expect to get commercial oven repair Northern VA quite often.


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