Important things to be understood before buying Hamadan rugs

Every home does not need the elegance and beauty of elaborate Traditional Rugs. Oriental rugs or traditional rugs or Persian rugs can add décor and attraction to homes which have given special attention to interior design. If your home is blessed with a rustic design then Hamadan rug will be suitable for your floor.

All you need to know about Harmadan rugs

Harmadan rugs are made in city of Harmadan in Iran which is previously known as Persia. Persian rugs have a special place in the heart of the rug enthusiasts. Unfortunately, Harmadan rugs are not considered as at par with the top class Persian rugs. Even then, these rugs have a special place in minds of the people who love and adore rugs. Many varieties of Harmadan rugs are available in the market. But when you are seriously thinking about buying one of these rugs,  you should never forget to evaluate the quality of the wool and the superiority in the design and fineness in knotting   as these are the key factors that determines the worth of a Harmadan rug. Though these rugs may look like a poor purchase, they will be well suited for a house with tribal design and interior design schemes. The Hamadan rugs posses the primitive charm and a village authenticity to the room or house in which it is used.

Harmadan palette

Harmadan rugs are most often seen in whites, deep blues and deep reds. Golden, yellow, green colors are also uses at times. But they are not that common or dominant in Harmadan rugs. The bold colors earlier stated give emphasis to the main design depicted on the rug.   Other subtle hues are carefully selected so that they act as accents to the weaver’s border which is in geometric designs.

Hamadan designs

Harmadan rugs are produced in the villages around the city of Hamadan. Each village has some special patterns solely used by them.  So different villages are providing different design styles and they always keep their individuality. Sarouk  is the name of a village in Iran and the rugs woven in this village has its own special style and it is known as Sarouk  scheme which is  special type of   floral spray. This a special pattern that is generally used by Mongol, Borchalu,  Kasvin and Injelas tribes. These villages are well known for the production of quality Hamadan rugs.

Resale value of Hamade rugs

As Hamdan rugs often do not match the top quality affordable Persian rugs, they are not very popular like other Persian rugs. For this reason these rugs do not have high resale value also. So when you are investing your money some affordable Persian rugs va, you have to understand that this product will not retain its worth for the next decade.  As years passes its value will be reduced in a systematic manner and one should be aware of this fact before investing money in this regard. But there are some high quality Hamadan rugs which are known by their names like Injelas,   Borchalus etc which have high retail value and there is no harm in investing money in the purchase of these rugs.

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