Keratin Treatment VS Brazilian Blowout: Know the Differences

Keratin treatments and Brazilian blowout are hair smoothing treatments that are used for straightening hair without causing any damage to hair follicles. Such treatments bond protein to the hair’s outer layer, which help protect, smooth, relax, and soften the hair. The process of bonding takes place once the flat iron is applied.

Both of these hair treatments add shine, remove frizz, reduce blow dry time, and seal in color. Yet, oftentimes, Brazilian blowout is often the most recommended and preferred option. So, before knowing the reasons why, it is important to know about these treatments first.

An Overview of Brazilian Blowout

The products used this hair treatment gets its protein from the blend of amino acids and results are very incredible. Before the product is applied on the hair, it should be shampooed first and dried until only small amount of moisture remains. If you apply the product, your hair is flat-ironed and blow dried. Once the hair is fully dry, your hair will be shampooed and rinse out the product completely. Then, the next is to apply the conditioner, rinse it, and dry the hair for the last time.

An Overview of Keratin Treatment

Same with Brazilian blowout, the keratin treatments begin with shampooing the hair and drying this completely. Then, the next is the product will be applied as well as covered with a cap for roughly 20-30 minutes. After that, the hair will be blown dried and flat-ironed. The clients leave the hair salons with the product in their hair and will be asked to wash this out after 3 days.

Advantages of Brazilian Blowout

One of the benefits of getting a Brazilian blowout rather than a basic keratin treatment is that Brazilian blowout is more convenient. The process may take about ninety minutes whereas  some keratin treatments take between 2 and 3 hours to finish and you still have to wash out the product after 3 days.

Another advantage of getting Brazilian blowout rather than another keratin treatment is that the process is basically done as soon as you leave the hair salon. You may also do whatever you like with your hair as well as the look will last about three months. As mentioned, several keratin treatments will require you to wait 3 full days before rinsing out the products at your home. During this time, you cannot do anything that will crease your hair including putting your hair behind the ears and wearing bobby pins or barrettes.

Brazilian blowouts do not harm your hair in any way and you will love seeing the look on the face of the client once the treatment is completed. However, you have to take note that not every hair salon in rockville offers this kind of hair treatment. So, always shop around first before you visit any hair salon in your area. You may check for the services of a hair salon over the internet or you can ask some people you may know about where to avail Brazilian blowout.

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