Prevent Frozen Pipes When Your Furnace Breaks Down

The furnace is the most important part of the home heating system. To enjoy heating devices, it is important to keep the furnace in healthy working condition. But furnace breakdowns occur. When your furnace breaks down during chilling winter weather, you can surely count on the furnace repair experts for repair and replacement services. However, furnace breakdown comes with many more troubles. It means along with dealing furnace breakdown, you will have to combat with breakdown consequences.

Furnace break downs and freezing pipe problem

Broken furnaces expose home to some serious risks. One of the most common problems associated with furnace break downs is freezing pipe problem.  Yes, furnace breakdown can freeze your entire pipe network and leave you with expensive repair. However, you can minimize the damage by taking preventive measures.

Here are tips and advice that you need to prevent your home from freezing pipes:

Insulate pipes: Pipes which are exposed to open air can easily get froze. Pipe insulation is economical, and easy. You can simply fit insulating material over the existing pipes. You should insulate your pipes before the commencement of the winters, especially pipes located in crawlspaces and basements.

Have adequate insulation: Home insulation is important to prevent pipe bursting. If you live in an old home that is not well-insulated, then you should invest in insulation. Inadequate insulation puts pipelines at risk, and increases heating costs as well.

Use heating cables: You can purchase heating cables from market to supply steady heat to the pipes via electricity. It is a good precautionary measure to make sure that your pipes get prepared to deflect the frozen pipe burst. Steady heat supply can actually save your pipes from getting burst.

Understand your pipes: Inspect your pipes and locate the shutoff valve. Use this valve to stop the water supply. Even if the worst happens, you can use the shutoff valve to prevent flooding in your home.

Prevent furnace break down

The best way of avoiding furnace break down is hiring furnace repair company for tune-ups. When a certified HVAC technician will inspect your furnace, he will detect and solve furnace issues before issues get aggravate.

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