Should Wild Animals Be Kept As Pets?

Petting wild animals is rather considered exciting by many. Choosing pet as a wild animal cannot be considered as good welcome thought though by many others. You should be fully familiar of the needs and behavior of the animal before petting it. Those who wish to pet them are especially trained to handle them, but still they have to be aware of their changing moods. Even the caretakers at zoo are sometimes harassed by the wild animals. Controlling them is definitely not an easy task part petting them.

So, having them as a pet can be a serious matter.

Pros and cons of having wild animals as a pet

  • In cases where you have lack of place to feed dogs and cats, you can choose to pet wild animals such as hedgehog or gecko. They do not take much space. Also, these wild animals have benefits of their own. For instance hedgehogs are beneficial to keep the insects and pests away from the house.
  • Apart from that, some wild animals are cheaper than most pet animals. A popular pet animal having a pedigree is much costlier.
  • Also, there is belief that some wild animals have better survival chances when they are adopted. For instance, dart frog seems to facing problems in its natural habitat. It is assumed that they will have better chances of survival when they are petted.

The disadvantages of petting wild animals

  • The first and foremost care to be taken in petting wild animals is their welfare. They need a considerable attention to their diet, interactions with other humans and their exercise. Sometimes, the wild animal does not easily adapt to interact with their own specie too and fail to lead a happy life. They are left alone and solitary in their life.
  • Some wild animals are cute and innocent when they are infants, but as they mature up, they become as treacherous. So as wild animals met maturity, they are forced to hand over them to the zoo authority.
  • Wild animals are more capable of spreading diseases than pet animals. They can prove lethal to human society. For example, the people who pet amphibians and reptiles are affected by the infection they carry known as salmonella. Other than this, rats of Africa are considered to be carriers of monkey pox.

Judge wisely! You have both pros and cons of petting them. Make sure you can handle them properly and does not prove to be a problem at later stages.


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