Signs that your central air conditioning system needs a repair

Like each appliance at your home, your central air conditioning system also has a life span. Sometimes the signs are obvious but it is difficult to know if your system needs a repair or replacement. To ensure that your summer remains enjoyable and heat free, here are some of the signs you should note for ac repair or ac replacement.

AC repair or AC replacement

  1. Most of the air conditioning systems have a life span of 10 to 15 years. If your system has passed this period, you can think of a replacement. When you are going for a new system, consider the energy star level. It is better to opt for the highest level in energy efficiency standards as it can save upto 20% of the energy bills.
  2. When your air conditioning system becomes older, its various components begin to breakdown, and you may require frequent service calls, also service charges become high. So it is good to have a replacement.
  3. If your system runs too long without having the desired cooling effect, it is an indication that the system needs repair or replacement.
  4. Sometimes the system gives loud and strange noises. When it happens, it indicates that the duct system is not compatible with cooling system or the indoor coil is clogged. If the size of the ductwork is not proper, the air conditioning can not work properly. You will have to go for a repair or replacement.
  5. The central air conditioning system is designed to filter out the dust and other air particles in the home to a certain extent, but if the home has more dust, there may be more leaks in the duct work and the system may fail.
  6. The drain tube ushers away the moisture build up. There is leakage of water, if the tube is blocked or broken. If you notice water leakage or formation of ice on the unit it self, you are required to call a professional.
  7. If the air conditioning system emits an abnormal odor, it could be due to biological growth inside the unit. It also suggests that the wire insulation in the AC is getting over heated.
  8. In some cases the problem with the air conditioner has nothing to do with the AC unit itself but with the thermostat instead.
  9. Temperature inconsistencies in your home are another sign that it may be time for AC replacement. You may have one of the three problems i.e. air conditioner malfunction, poor insulation, or issues with the duct work.

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