The Effect of Teenage Pregnancy on Society

The effect of teenage pregnancy is not just limited to the family of the teens and the baby, but also such pregnancies have a huge impact on the society. Teen moms do not have sources to take care of another life, so they often require the help of people around them. Becoming a mother at any age is challenging. This challenge becomes bigger and stiffer when the pregnancy happens in teen years. The teenage pregnancy leads relationship problems, education dropouts, job issues and child raising troubles with it. And dealing with all these issues altogether is not at all an easy task for an adolescent.

How does teenage pregnancy affect society?

Society is based on certain morals; hence as per society’s norms the teenage pregnancy is still a taboo. The society do not embrace teenage pregnancy with open arms. This is the reason why, the world shuns the teenage mother. For most of the girls who get pregnant at teenage, the pregnancy come out as a shock, as girls of this age are not mentally prepared for parenthood. Also, life is never going to be same after becoming a teenage parent.

Facing the challenges of teenage pregnancy

It does not matter whether teenage pregnancy is planned or unplanned, there are many things associated with it. Some of them are listed below:

Health Issues

Teenage pregnancy has many health complications and these complications are associated with both mother and baby.  These health problems put babies at a superior threat of agony to baby’s health problems, disability or death.

Education Loss

The biggest loss faced by teenage moms is education loss. Teen moms have to drop school because of pregnancy and child care. Thus, they remain deprived from higher education. This prevents them to pursue higher career and directly or indirectly affect child upbringing too.

Almost No Social life

During pregnancy and after childbirth, teenage parents have to sacrifice their social life. They cannot go for outing, clubbing or chill with their friends. Their life becomes all about their kids. They have to- stay home, feed their babies, clean them etc.


Teenage pregnancy creates problems between couples. Normally, boys do not want to become teen dads. This creates problem between couples. Boys leave the girls after pregnancy and the responsibility of the child come on girl alone! After baby, getting into a new relationship becomes really very difficult. Not impossible!

Emotional issues

Teen moms have to bear a lot of emotional trauma in raising their child. They have to look after their babies, earn money and complete their education at the same time.

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