Tooth Filling Vs. Root Canal

You are eating something and suddenly you notice something solid in your mouth that does not melt or soften. You get a bad feeling because it is nothing but a piece of your own broken tooth. Though, the upper layer of teeth is really hard and rigid but it has its limit. Cavities, injuries and other issues can make this layer weak. If you find you have broken or decayed tooth, don’t be panic. Consult to a dentist, who can fix this issue by using various methods. When it comes to tooth decay tooth filling and root canal are two most important treatment options.

Has your dentist suggested root canal treatment to save your decayed tooth? If so, there is no need to be worried. A lot of people save their teeth and smile with this treatment. Generally, root canal is suggested by the dentists when the pulp of tooth get infected, damaged and rotted. The pulp is basically a soft tissue that plays an important role in development of the root of your tooth. This inner part of teeth consists of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. A fully gown-up tooth can stay alive without it. In the root canal treatment, the dentist takes out pulps and nerves. After that they fill-up the space.

At times, specialist avoids root canal. As an alternative, they suggest tooth filling. After cleaning the decayed teeth, they filled out the space with medicated filling. This treatment is preferred the most when the patient is suffering from severe tooth pain. This filling can prevent the pain effectively. After about a month, the dentists remove the filling so that a permanent kind of filling can be put. When it comes to cost, root canal is somehow expensive than tooth filling. This is the reason why most people prefer tooth filling in case of tooth decay.

When the root of your tooth infected or decayed, the dentist tries to treat it with medications. Additionally, the specialist recommends some pain killers to the patient. Tooth filling is a replacement of root canal. However, the alternative of canal may not be practicable in all cases. Depending on the exact condition of teeth and preference of patient, the dentists recommend the best treatment. The best way to choose one from root canal and tooth filling is to consult with a knowledgeable dentist. They diagnose the condition carefully and suggest the best treatment accordingly.

In a few cases, extraction is considered the best solution. It is the finest option when the tooth is damaged or decayed very badly and cannot be prevented with root canal or tooth filling. After the extraction, you can go for bridge, denture or dental implant to get permanent solution of missing teeth.

Whenever, you notice teeth decay or cavity in your mouth, it is must to speak to your dentist so that he can advise a perfect treatment to save your teeth.

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