How To Get Rid Of An Itchy Throat Caused By Allergies

A scratchy throat can be a very uncomfortable feeling especially when you are already suffering from allergies. Here are some tips and tricks from allergy doctors to help soothe an itchy throat.

What Is An Itchy Throat?

An itchy or scratchy throat is identified by a tickling and uncomfortable sensation in your throat and the back of your mouth. It will always feel dry and scratchy and when you try to swallow, it will either hurt or make you very uncomfortable and can lead to a coughing fit. When you try to clear your throat, you will feel the scratchiness even more and it will be highly unpleasant.

Nothing seems to soothe a scratchy or itchy throat and you have a constant urge to put something down your throat to relieve it from the itchiness and hoarse feeling. Sometimes, the throat can feel lumpy as well. It might be swollen due to an infection or it might be inflamed. You can or cannot feel a difference in your voice. Usually, it is not hoarse and you don’t feel your voice going down, but in some cases it might occur. If you are someone who suffers from a lot of allergic reactions, then an itchy or scratchy throat is going to be the norm for you.

Usually, the throat is the very first thing that indicates any type of allergic feeling and you instantly feel it. It needs to be checked immediately so that there are no further long-term issues with your throat.

How Is An Itchy Throat Caused?

There are several causes of an itchy throat. Some of them are as follows:

  • You can get a scratchy throat from inhaling a pungent chemical. It can cause irritation in your throat and you will feel your throat going dry and an itchy sensation will take place.
  • You can also get an itchy throat from allergens like pollen and pet hair. If you are unaware of your discomfort from such allergens, then it will be a very unpleasant discovery for you. So, to avoid scratchy throat, you should steer clear of these allergens. You can get the idea of your discomfort from these allergens when you experience a scratchy throat whenever you come in contact with these allergens. This is a sign of your body being triggered by the allergen.
  • You can also get an itchy throat as a symptom of a lingering allergic reaction. You will feel your throat getting itchy and it might be due to an allergy.
  • Dust and pests can also cause a scratchy throat. Dust can linger in your throat and render it dry so you will feel very uncomfortable and you will need to do something about your dry and scratchy throat.

Treatment For Itchy Throat

Now that you know what kinds of things can cause a scratchy throat, let’s talk about how you can treat a scratchy throat.

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

You can use anti-inflammatory drugs, if your throat is swollen and is causing pain whenever you try to swallow. This can be a sign that you need to get your throat checked, because swelling is not something normal.


You can also use antihistamines to alleviate your itchy throat. Usually, an infection will go away with regular use of over-the-counter antihistamines.

Home Remedies

As for home and natural remedies to treat a scratchy throat, try to drink lots of fluids and water to keep your throat well hydrated. Your throat will feel extra uncomfortable and scratchy if you don’t keep it hydrated.

Warm Liquids

Try to drink warm liquids like hot soups and beverages like soothing ginger tea or just warm tea. The warmth from the tea can help to alleviate the scratchiness in your throat and you will feel a lot better instantly.

Cough Drops

You can also use cough drops which will help to lubricate your throat and keep it from getting irritated.

There you have it! These tips will help you immensely in treating that pesky itch in the back of your throat. You will feel better in no time once you start implementing these tips. However, it is advised to visit your allergy specialist Manassas for proper treatment.

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