Top Materials Used In Patio

Don’t get confused with the term “patio”. It is just another name for garden or outdoor furniture. The history of patio furniture goes a long way. The oldest patio furniture was found in the gardens of Pompeii. Talk about them having some good stone patio contractors.

Nevertheless, due to their ease of management, they are used throughout the world, especially near the pool side, balcony, outdoor barbeques and rest and recreation.

We have gathered a list of items necessary for the making of patio furniture.


Good old aluminum…A light weight metal element which is famous for not rusting easily. Being durable in nature, it is also cost efficient. Being metallic, it has the ability to heat up and cool down easily, so you don’t have to worry about aluminum chairs being too much in the sun. Just put those in shade for a small time and you can easily enjoy your book reading, out in the open.

To maintain aluminum patio, wash with a soapy water and rinse. Mineral oil can also be used to protect the surface.


Natural wood is used for synthesizing of patio furniture. It has all the good qualities which a patio furniture should have. Strong, durable and long lasting…but, it comes with a catch of expensiveness. Wood can be expensive to your pocket. The wood of teak, cedar and pine trees is commonly used in patio furniture. For class, it is highly recommended by brick patio contractors and stone patio contractors.

Wood furniture comes in two categories. Hard wood and soft wood. Hardwood furniture is more expensive than softwood because hardwood has more durability than softwood.

To maintain the class of wood, you would require more maintenance than upkeep of other patio furniture. Preservatives and varnishes maybe required to give a coat of lush attraction. Check for splinters if the wood seems dinged. A brightener or an oil might be used if the wood is not painted, to preserve its appeal. If you decide to paint wood, use paints with UV filters which prevent fading of furniture.

Plastic Polymers

These are synthetic compounds of plastic. Patio contractors recommend building furniture, made from plastic. It is an insulator and doesn’t get easily hot. It is much cheaper than metallic patio and has a fair amount of elasticity. Brick patio contractors love to use polymers in their work.

When recycled plastic is mixed with resins, a high quality patio furniture is made. It is however, heavier than the simple plastic patio furniture. To get a long lasting shiny plastic patio, buy the plastic patio with signs of UV stabilized pigments.

For plastic patio, use cleaners which prevent mildew and wash the furniture with water.


Wicker and Rattan go well with both indoor and outdoor usage. If you want to save quick bucks, this is for you. Most designs of wicker furniture have airy holes in them. These help you cool and fresh throughout the day. They come in a variety a colors and have an appealing vibe around them.

To wash wicker furniture, rinse it with a mild detergent.

Both the patio contractors long island and stone patio contractors recommend using a variety of patio furniture to increase the overall charm of the house. Different type of patio furniture inside the house would win you the admiration of your friends and your loved ones.

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