Which Balayage Hair Color To Choose

When it comes to Balayage Hair Color, you have a lot of color options to choose from. Balayage technique gives your hair stylist the freedom to create any look on your hair. It is a technique which does not use the old school methods such as streaking cap, streaking foils, and heat for hair dye and streaks. Balayage is a French word which means to paint or to sweep on hair with a free hand and no defined streaks, so it gives a completely natural and a subtle look every time. You also have options for different Balayage Hair style as your growth line is not prominent in a Balayage Hair Color, so your hair grows naturally as well.

Choosing the Right Hair Color Depending on Your Hair Length

Balayage Hair Color is a technique which is applied to the lower part of your hair, closer to your face and throughout your hair leaving the scalp area which gives a natural sunkissed streak look. Generally, the colors start off with a darker base and gradually going towards a lighter shade and highest in the end.

  • For long hair, you can choose any color as you have long layers so you can experiment with different color contrasts. The best colors will be a dark brown going towards caramel and then ash blonde or blonde. You can also experiment with red and brunettes.
  • For medium length hair, go for 2 blending shades rather than 3 as you have fewer options. You can transition from a dark to a very light color or 2 colors from the same family.
  • For short hair, it is better if you stick to one color and keep your natural base color intact. You can go for a blonde look or a brunette look and have a blonde look and add some caramel or red highlights for a prominent effect. You can have many Balayage Hair style as your hair will blend nicely.

Choosing Hair Color Depending on Skin Tone

Skin color is a very important criterion for choosing a hair color. Remember Balayage is mostly for darker colored hair as women with naturally blonde hair will have to dye their natural hair color a darker shade.

  1. Wheatish colored women should go for reds, brunettes, brown, caramel and dark blondes. Very light-colored blonde or rose color will not suit a wheatish skin tone.
  2. Fair colored women can choose any color they want to as all the colors will suit their face. However, they should avoid very light colors as it might give a ghostly look and opt for dark colors to engage their complexion.
  3. Dark colored women should go for light shades as dark colors will blend with their skin tones. They should choose ash blonde, rose gold, and light caramel Balayage Hair Color To complement their skin tone. Also, Balayage Hair color salon rockville will compliment any skin color and face frame as the sweep highlights will fall naturally on the face on shoulders or whether they are tied up or kept open.

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