Why you need to hire professionals to clean your chimney?

Cleaning chimney allows you to completely remove the black coating from the chimney walls, and to ensure normal flow of the combustion products and smoke through the chimney to the outside. It is important to hire chimney sweeper. Dirty chimney can cause a fire or toxic substances getting into the room. Therefore, it’s important to clean chimneys prophylactically with all the necessary regularities.

Chimney Cleaning ways

There are three cleaning ways:

  • thermal,
  • chemical,
  • mechanical.

Thermal chimney cleaning method involves the exposure of deposit of dirt in the cavity to high temperatures at which it burns. Reaching the temperature of up to 1100°C, it increases the risk of fire, so the thermal chimney cleaning method is now used very rarely.

Chemical cleaning consists of burning chemicals which chemically react with carbon black, which begins to delaminate the soot from the chimney walls.

Mechanical cleaning of the chimney by means of special tools – cable with weights. In the cleaning process, the chimney soot is scraped from the walls and removed from the bottom with a shovel.

Chimney cleaning work is quite dirty, so before you start, cover the furniture with a plastic wrap, and the roll the carpets, if possible.

Chimney service

Our cleaning company provides cleaning which is convenient for you. Before start to work, with a special diagnostic equipment, we define the degree of contamination of your chimney and give necessary recommendations on different ways of cleaning the chimney, taking into account all aspects – the material from which the chimney was built, nature of the contamination, the availability and width of the chimney.

The main task performed is a removal of soot that accumulates on the chimney walls, clogging pipes and prevent the removal the smoke and other products to enter the house premises. A clogged chimney could cause a fire. Therefore, it’s very important to clean the chimney as soon as possible, without waiting for critical situations.

To clean the chimney, we use special flexible shafts and hard brushes that make it easy to remove all soot deposits inside the chimney. Brushes for cleaning are typically made of hard plastic, which allows excluding certain accidental damage of the chimney walls cleaned by a licensed chimney contractor washington md.

Our staff will do the job efficiently, quickly, and at a reasonable price. Generally, depending on the complexity of the object, cleaning the chimney takes one day.

Our professionals have extensive experience in cleaning the chimney. You will certainly appreciate their skills and our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

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