Secret Tips to Hire the Right Landscape Company

Your landscape looks miserable and it is the time for a makeover and makes it more alive. Some of us may choose to do the landscape as a DIY project, but for the sake of safety and aesthetic, it is better to hire a masonry contractor. The company has extensive knowledge of handling landscape projects. The thing is finding the right company is not easy as there are lots of selections. Below are some secret tips to get the right and reliable company for your landscape.

Masonry contractor

Ask around – there are lots of landscape companies, but how you find a good one? The answer is to ask around the neighborhood. If you see a house with great lawn around your house, ask the owner who they hired. You can also ask friends and families for referrals. To extend your searching, you can also go online for approved contractors which have a reputation among the community. There will be plenty of it but make sure to also read the reviews and testimonials from previous customers. It will help you narrow down the list.

Look at the credentials – You want a landscape contractor who is experienced and has a profound knowledge in the field. At the end, your main concern is to hire a company who will handle the project on time and according to the schedule using the best practices and material. A reliable company should have a license, insurance, and also bonded. The state regulates the contractor’s license as a proof that they meet the standard service. Besides, the insurance is also important to protect both homeowner and the worker in case of accidents during the process. Once you have the company name, make sure to ask for the documents and insurance.

Ask for previous projects – different project requires different landscaping skill. Make sure to ask for the previous projects from the company and see if there is a similar project as yours. It will be a big plus if the company has done the similar project as yours. You can also ask for photos showing the previous work such as site walls, decks, paving, plantings, fences, and much more.

Landscaping skills

The cost – in general, there are two ways of payment when hiring a contractor; there are bid and estimation. The best payment method is the fixed price. This method is suitable if you have a specific budget in which you do not want to exceed. However, the estimate payment method allows you to easily compare the rate from one company to another. Using the method, they will give you the detail lists of the item costs for the entire projects. Also, if you have a spare budget; you can also ask for going green for the landscape such as using organic fertilizer, weeding by hand, and much more. For going green options, it will cost you for an extra budget around 10 percent than the standard landscape costs.

Get contract – once you have the right Landscape Company long island as well as the suitable budget, make sure to ask for a detailed contract which consists of the project schedule, materials used, costs and fees, and also guarantee. There is no such thing as a too detailed contract as it will give benefits for both contractor and the homeowner.

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