5 DIY AC Repair Tips You Need This Summer

Air conditioner repairs can be expensive. Of course, sometimes you have to get help from air conditioning companies, which can be costly and expensive. However, at times there are some problems that you can try fixing yourself as well. It is often the case where your AC unit is not working and there is a simple reason behind it. So, let’s take a look at so quick and easy checks before you call a professional for help.

Check Your Breaker

One of the first things you need to check when it comes to your AC not working properly is the breaker. If you observe that the AC is turning on at all, it might be that the breaker is tripped. Sometimes, when the electricity is fluctuating regularly, the breaker shuts down the supply to the unit to prevent it from getting damaged. The reason is that in such cases, the compressor mostly gives up.

More, if you don’t have a separate breaker and the breaker also serves other electrical items, then it is likely to trip and cause your air conditioner to stop working. Since it is an easy fix as you simply need to turn the breaker on, check the breaker before you call a professional for help.

Examine The AC Thermostat

Believe it or not, sometimes it’s just the thermostat that is causing the problem. Some people tend to adjust the thermostat in a way that the compressor does not turn on and as a result, you will not receive any cool air. Even if you have adjusted the thermostat to where it should be, someone in your family might have adjusted the temperature according to themselves leading to the AC not operating properly.

If the unit happens to be battery operated, it might be that new batteries may be required. Plus, check if the thermostat is set below the room temperature. In addition to that, check the settings of the AC, it might be that you have set it to just fan blow. You can change the settings simply through the remote.

Change The AC Filter

The AC filter is one of the most important components required for the smooth running of the AC. Although it is an easy fix, sometimes people tend to overlook the fact that the AC filter needs to be cleaned and replaced. The reason is that the AC filter is the only component that is designed to filter the air that comes inside before it reaches the inside of your house. If it fails to do so, your family members are at risk of being exposed to harmful toxins in the air.

Furthermore, if the air filter is choked, the AC will not be able to perform at its optimum either. Chances are that your AC unit will ice up. Therefore, it is important that you perform annual maintenance on your unit and make sure to clean the filter when required.

Melt Any Ice

If your AC unit has ice accumulation, it will not be able to throw cool air. The reason is that the unit becomes clogged in such cases and it becomes hard for it to produce and circulate cool air. Moreover, in case of your unit being iced up, the AC unit will most probably leak from the inside as well. You will observe water droplets leaking from the indoor unit.

The good news is that melting the ice is easy. You can simply turn the system off and run the fan to help melt the ice quickly. If that is not possible due to some reason, you can simply turn the unit off and let the ice melt on its own.

Give It A Good Cleaning

Since the AC unit has to deal with air throughout when it is being used, it will become dirty over time. This is one of the most overlooked factors in terms of the unit not performing properly. If you live in an area that experiences thunderstorms and dust storms etc. on a daily basis, chances are that your AC will require cleaning multiple times in a year. It is not just the unit inside that needs to be cleaned but the outside unit of your AC needs cleaning as well.

When it comes to cleaning the outside unit, the fan blades should be thoroughly cleaned so that the debris is removed from inside or near the unit. Additionally, the condenser fins can also be cleaned. However, when it comes to cleaning the blades and fins, you need to be extra careful as they can bend and break easily.

Final Word

This article aimed to help you with quick and easy do-it-yourself AC repairs. While working on the AC, be extra cautious and careful not to break anything expensive. If the problem continues to persist, you might want to call an HVAC repair service McLean for help.

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