How To Fix An Oven Door

An oven is one of the most important appliances in your house. It is used to prepare quick meals that feed both you and your family. And the last thing you would want is the oven not functioning properly such as the door not closing so that it can warm your meal. So, let’s look at some oven repair tips to fix the problem.

Check The Oven Lock

The first thing you need to inspect is the oven lock. Although new models do not face this problem often, but that does not mean it can’t happen. Oven lock is important for two reasons. The first is that it keeps the things from spilling out of the microwave when they are heating and the second is to protect the kids.

Sometimes, when the lock is engaged, the door will not close. If that is the case, try unlocking the lock and closing the door. If the door closes and locks without any problem then you are good to go. However, if you observe that the lock does not engage properly, then get a clean cloth and try removing the accumulated dirt and grease to allow the lock to function freely.

Push The Oven Racks Back

This is one of the most common problems related to oven doors not closing. Sometimes while using the oven, the user does not place the racks or trays properly. This way, the rack does not allow the door to properly close. Even though from the outside it might seem that the racks are in position. The reason is that over time, the racks accumulate dirt and grease as well. This makes them difficult to slide over the railing. Therefore, if the oven door is not properly closing, try pushing the racks back.

Door Frame Obstructions

The door frame might be the next potential problem. It is the area where the door’s edge meets the oven’s edge. Depending on the oven, door frames vary. Some include soft gaskets to form a seal upon closing while others have door pockets. If grime and dirt happen to get in between this area, it will prevent the door from closing.

Check the area for any obstruction that might be the problem. If found, use a clean cloth with a cleaning solution and clean the area. Look for anything that might be preventing the door from closing.

Faulty Gasket

Almost every oven comes with a gasket, which is a soft rubber piece allowing the door to seal. Since you have already cleaned the area where the door’s surface meets the oven, you might have wiped the gasket area as well. If you haven’t, use water and soap to clean the area.

However, if your oven is old, it might be that the gasket needs to be replaced. Due to age, it simply might have grown weaker. Look for any signs of damage. If the gasket seems unusual, you might need to call a professional or replace the gasket yourself.

Rust Or Grime On The Hinges

The hinges allow the oven door to expand and contract. With time the hinges can become rusty or dust and debris can make it difficult for them to operate. If you hear scraping or creaking noises, it means that the hinges need oiling or have simply given up. Therefore, during oven maintenance, make sure that you regularly clean the hinges and replace them if they are rusted.

Bent Oven Or Door

Even though ovens tend to be tough and hardly warp upon hitting something, but over time the material becomes weak, which makes them vulnerable to warping. Since the oven can reach high temperatures, the door may lose its shape due to constant usage. It might even prevent the latch from not meeting anymore. If this happens, you might want to replace the oven.

Final Word

Concluding, oven doors like other components need regular maintenance and cleaning. Whenever possible, you should clean the gasket and other areas and oil the hinges. If the solutions do not work in your favor, you might want to purchase a new oven. To avoid causing any damage to your oven, it is a good idea to hire appliance repair services Alexandria for any kind of oven repair. They would charge some money, but your appliance will work efficiently after the repair.

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