Making the Most Out of Your Family Time

A happy family, laughing and giggling with kids, spending time with them is the time well spent. It is not the how much time you spend that matters, but how you spend the time!

The kids are not oblivious to these facts and they remember well when they are grown up.

The parents of some kids work abroad. The loving parents keep a vivid contact with them by sending the letters or emails to them every day. They don’t forget the special occasions and try to be with their kids at these occasions. When they are home their time is completely spend with them. They don’t just bother to give them money and leave them alone.

Children are well aware where they stand among your priorities.

Don’t fake the plans

Set a true schedule with the kids for hanging out. Setting one and canceling it at the end time is the worst betrayal and is disappointing. This way you even lost the trust of your kids. Be honest with them regarding your schedule. Don’t make one and raise their expectations if you sincerely don’t have time.

Kids be first priority

The time you spend with your family is not wasted. No one is too busy in this world, it’s all about priorities. Spend quality time with kids and accompany them to rituals. They are necessary for making them family values, importance of praying etc. make your family a happy family by multiplying the joys and dividing the sorrows. Share the success and failures with your loved ones, no matter what.

Here are some of the tips to follow

  • Pray along with your kids. Start meals by remembering god.
  • Have a proper diner with fun and spend fun by indulging in funny talks.
  • Never discourage them. Commend them even on trifle successes.
  • They should a balance in you being kind and strict to them.
  • Make your kids believe that they will always have their back.
  • Be with them during their hard times.
  • Enjoy with them by taking them to shopping, dinners and malls.
  • Attend their school functions and meeting thoroughly. Help them with their studies.
  • Keep your children inspired and make them follow their inspirations.
  • Life is full of surprises. Live with them. Enjoy them with your kids.

Try to remember them and make your family, a happy and cheerful one.

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