9 Flat Iron Hair Straightening Tips

Hair straightening is no big of a deal these days. Everyone is doing it. Even people with naturally straight hair. Straight hair gives on the chic look that you can pull off at any event. But, hair straightening is no child’s play; we are dealing with heat after all.  When you don’t have time to go to hair straightening salons, doing it at home is the last option you are left with. But are you doing it right? You might end up with straight hair at the end of the day but was it all worth it? With the potential damage of hair fall and hair damage after all the heat applied?

Here are a few tips for you to master the basic hair straightening method – flat ironing hair.

Use the Right Product While Washing Hair

While washing your hair make sure you are using the right hair shampoo and conditioner for you hair. The shampoos that claim they will straighten your hair after the wash never do, so it’s best if you don’t fall into their deceiving trap. Instead use shampoos that promise to smoothen your hair and reducing frizz as much as possible. The key is to eliminate frizz.

Avoid Blow Drying

There is not much to a blow dryer aside from heating your hair that will thus aid to hair damage. If naturally drying your hair is not worth your time then choose rough drying. That is when you move you blow drier back and forth quickly over your hair. That will not only reduce the frizz but spare you from potential hair damage too.

Also, hair note that when you are using your regular terrycloth towel, you are promoting hair curls and frizz. Use a soft towel with microfiber material instead.

Avoid Plastic Brush

Hair straightening salons only seldom use plastic brushes to comb off your hair and that is for the reason that plastic too is the reason that is promoting the frizz in your hair. Instead use brushes with nylon and boar bristles.

Make Sure Your Hair Are Completely Dried

You don’t want to straighten your hair while they are still wet or even the slightest damp. Once you start straightening your hair and they are making sizzling noises, it is not a good sign. Immediately turn off your straightener and evaluate what is going wrong. Dry your hair as much as possible leaving no room for dampness.

Don’t Forget a Protectant

Keratin treatment salons will tell you how important it is for you to apply thermal protectant before straightening your hair. Serums will protect your hair from the additional heat to your hair and help retain the moisture in them.

Don’t Go Too High On the Temperature

The ideal temperature for you to straighten your hair is 300-350 degrees. Anything beyond that and you might have just crossed the safe zone and entered the ultimate high heat area which will burn your hair and is not healthy for your hair.

Keep Your Hair Stretched and Straight

As we said before that flat ironing is the most basic way of hair straightening. This also means you need to put extra care into it. While flat ironing hair, you should keep your hair taut so that it’s easier for the flat iron (and you) to straight them and also it’s less damaging for your hair too because you won’t be doing the same hair twice or thrice.

Divide Your Hair in Parts

While straightening, make sections of your hair. Do one strand at a time. Taking a lot of hair at once will not give you the straight hair you want. If you have thin hair making two sections will do. However, for people with thick hair, you can make four sections.

Cheap Straighteners Just Don’t Make the Cut

If you’re using a cheap straightener you might find yourself running the straightener across your head time and time again. You will end up with straight hair but the damage done cannot be undone. Thus use an advanced tech straightener that makes use of less heat and will straighten your hair in one go.

So, follow the above guidelines and you will be able to pull it off. If you want a better alternative to flat ironing, you should visit a keratin treatment salon Rockville for hair straightening.

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