How To Clean A Garbage Disposal To Ensure Clean Drains And Plumbing

Garbage disposal is quite handy and helpful. It works really hard to keep your environment clean. And it even helps convert the disposed of food items further into useful biofuels in the wastewater treatment plants. Plus, the use of garbage disposal helps reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, a clean garbage disposal will ensure unclogged drains and you won’t have to deal with plumbing problems by spending money on rooter services.

There are many useful ways to clean your garbage disposal. In this blog, I have penned down a few beneficial and great remedies to clean your garbage disposal. So, here’s how you can help yourself.

The Cleaning Process Of The Garbage Disposal

To clean the garbage disposal, you need a sponge with an abrasive side and the dish soap. And firstly, turn off the power before cleaning, so that you can prevent any accident. The parts of the garbage disposal that needs to be cleaned are

  • The baffle
  • The grinding chamber

Baffle Cleaning

Apply the dish soap on to the sponge and thoroughly rub the sponge’s abrasive side under the baffle. Make sure to clean all the gunk from the creases and folds. Rub the sponge until the battle is clean and clear.

Cleaning Of The Grinding Chamber

The cleaning process in this area is the same as in the baffle. Run the sponge thoroughly on the upper part of the grinding chamber until it’s clear and all the junk is gone.

Note: Cleaning the disposal with the sponge and the soap is simple and easy. And it removes all the stickiness from the garbage disposal along with keeping it fresh. Even doing only these two steps is enough, but you can apply the following remedies if you want some good aroma in your kitchen.

Cleaning With Citrus Peels

Using lemon or orange peels is the best way to freshen up your kitchen. For this, add some lemon and orange peels in the disposal and run the water tap. The oil in the citrus peels will give fruity aroma to your environment and clean the disposal.

Cleaning With Lemon

Moreover, you can do this with lemon as well. Cut the lemon into normal-sized round slices, and then, cut those slices half making them half-moon shaped. Put these slices into the disposal and run the water tap. Eventually, you’ll be left with the lemon aroma in the kitchen sink. Refreshing right?

Cleaning With Baking Soda And Vinegar

If you don’t have some citrus fruits or peels, you can clean the garbage disposal with baking soda and vinegar, as well. Firstly, put a half cup of baking soda into the disposal and let that sit for an hour, then slowly pour down half a cup of vinegar on it. This will create a small chemical reaction, and a little volcano type bubbly mixture comes up and then drain. It will clear your garbage disposal. Lastly, drain your disposal with water to clean it.

Cleaning The Splash Guards

The foul order of garbage disposal can be because of the two main reasons. It is either due to the stinky drain or the splash guard. For the case of the drain, you have already learned above how you clean the drain. Now let’s see how you can clean the splash guard of the garbage disposal.

There are two types of splash guards, removable and fixed. For both types of splash guards you need:

  • An old toothbrush
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Soapy water

Removable Splash Guard: In this case, remove the splash guard and rub it with the toothbrush upside down until it’s clean or till all the gunk is gone.

Fixed Splash Guard: A fixed splash guard is cleanable too. Firstly, rub the upper part with the toothbrush, lift the lower part slightly, and rub it with the brush. Do these steps until the splash is clean. Lastly, rinse it with the clean tap water.


It is recommended to clean your garbage disposal once or twice a week to save yourself from smelly mishaps. Also, all the remedies work well when the disposal is clean. Therefore, it is better to rub it with the soapy sponge before trying any remedy. If you see a leakage, call a plumber and if a drain clog occurs, hire drain contractors Westchester. Good luck!

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