Know about tree removal using cranes

Removing a tree with the assistance of a crane is the safest method of tree removal. It is not only safe, it is quick and cost effective also. Traditional tree removal process often turns out to be lengthy and labor intensive than the modern crane operated tree removal.    Traditional processes require complex rigging to control small section of tree safer and often the results tend to be inferior when compared to tree removal carried out with the help of cranes. Similarly, a tree removal project carried out by tree services in which a crane is also incorporated gets completed faster than the traditional slow labor intensive manual methods.  It reduces the need for equipment and foot transfer across the lawn consequently lowering the impacts of foot prints left behind after the completion of the work. Use of crane is a safe, efficient and speedy method for cutting and removing of trees.

Tree removal made easy

After the manual cutting of trees, another common method that was popular in the recent years was the cutting of trees using chainsaws.   Even though chainsaws were in use for many decades only during the last twenty years it became popular and acceptable to all the concerned parties. Though it has become a popular method,  large number of tree services in the town are not having cranes as their own due to the heavy cost of it. Most crane operators take it on rent for helping then in their tree removal services.

In addition to owning crane, another important requirement of a tree services is to have qualified and experienced train operators as their employees. CCO certification is one of the toughest certification to be obtained by any person who wants to become part of   tree removal services. A lot of years experience and skill are required for being considered for CCO test. Skill that can surpass the average crane operator is required for becoming candidate for CCO certification. Removing tree with the help of cranes is an art as well as a science. Each tree responds in its special manner to the effects of gravity.  So it needs customized plans for each tree for cutting its branches and removing them.

How a tree removal project is completed with the help of cranes

The crane operator and the tree climber visit the site from where the tree is to be removed. As every tree and the surrounding are different from one another customized techniques which are suitable to each tree and the yard are formulated by the team during this visit considering the size and pattern of the tree as well as the branches. The required safely precautions are also decided during this visit.  The method for lowering the cut trunk or branch of the tree is also finalized during this visit.

After finalizing these matters the tree removal team returns and comes next day or on another convenient day with all the equipments and workers needed to carry out the operation.   The crane is positioned in the pre-decided position on a level ground.  Materials like plywood are used to increase the height and make the crane stand erect on level ground. Setting up of the crane may take more time than that needed for cutting.

The cutting process starts without any further delay. The climber attaches himself securely to a spot over the crane’s ball and pass signal to the operator to lift to the desired point. After reaching the desired spot and after attaching the cable to the crane’s hood the cutting process is started. The crane operator helps in applying the required pressure and keeping the correct position useful for extracting all the cut pieces and the debris in the correct place.

The workers of the tree removal services MD who are positioned on the ground will be engaged in collecting the small pieces and debris falling below. They will also give signal to the crane operator for moving to the next pick at the appropriate time. They will complete the dismantling activity of the cut pieces to specific lengths with the help of chainsaws.  Pieces less than 10 inches in length will be made into mulch. The process goes on until the entire tree is cut and removed.

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