Pros And Cons Of Area Rugs

If you want to beautify your house or apartment then you can purchase many exclusive rugs on sale or even get wholesale oriental rugs. When you shift to a new place, you have 3 options, either you can go for a unique flooring, or go for a wall to wall carpeting or just spread some rugs.

Know about oriental area rugs

People are now shifting from complete carpeting towards rugs. However, some people are still uncertain about the benefits of rugs. In this article, the pros and Cons rugs are being discussed in detail.

Pros to oriental rugs

  1. There are many designs and patterns available in rugs in every color and contrast possible. With traditional carpeting, you generally focus on a single color or contrasting light and dark shade and rarely any design or patterns. You have a wide variety to choose from in rugs with intricate patterns. Also, you can purchase wholesale oriental rugs which are hand made and hand knotted and are unique and beautiful.
  2. Rugs are a great way to enhance your flooring of any room and can also enhance your furniture setting. They immediately add a soft look and an artistic look whether you are placing it in your living room, dining room, or bedroom. They add a touch of spark. You can also buy more when you get unique rugs on sale.
  3. Rugs and carpets are also a way to reduce noise and echoes in any room. If your room has a lot of echo and noise sounds because of hard furniture, then place an area rug on the floor and you will immediately notice a difference. Rugs and carpeting tend to absorb sounds thereby removing noise and echoes.
  4. Rugs are easy to place and can be bought anytime as they do not require the removal and displacement of furniture. You can easily carry and spread the rug whenever you feel like.
  5. Rugs bring with them comfort, coziness, and warmth in the room. They are soft to touch and are comfortable and relaxing to sit on rather than on the hard floor. They are a source of blessing in the cold winter nights, as rugs are a source of great insulation and can provide warmth as well.
  6. A rug is a great addition if you have toddlers, as they can sit and play on the rug and not get hurt if they fall.
  7. As rugs are available in so many colors and designs, they are very affordable and also last a long time. The best investment for your home will be to purchase oriental rugs on sale as they come in a wide array of variety and patterns to choose from.
  8. Rugs are very versatile as they can be moved from room to room and are easy to clean as well. You can pick up and clean it or send to a professional rug cleaner.

Cons to oriental rugs

  1. Rugs cover only a certain area of your floor and not completely cover it. If you have any imperfections or flaws on your flooring, then rugs may not completely hide it.
  2. Rugs can slip or slide very easily, so you will need to install a rug pad between the rug and floor to avoid slipping.
  3. Rugs can also accumulate dust and dirt particles, airborne chemicals, shedding of human skin and hair and also many kinds of smells, which may lead to bacterial growth and minute organisms. Notice the dust powders coming out if your rugs when you beat dust from it. You will need to get it regularly cleaned by professionals because the dust and germs are not safe for people with skin or nasal allergies and asthma. Sometimes allergies are also a cause of rugs and carpets. Regular cleaning will also omit the odors accumulated in the fibers of the rug.
  4. Sometimes rugs are also a cause of many tripping accidents as the corner might get inverted or out of shape, then you might fall badly on your face and get hurt.
  5. Never place a rug near the fireplace or kitchen as a rug is the first thing that can catch fire really fast and can spread it in every place.

By looking at pros and cons, you can decide whether a rug is sustainable or not, but the best investment would be to buy wholesale oriental rugs VA as they are unique and beautiful and will last you for generations to come.

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