Selecting a Hair Straightening Treatment for Yourself

There are many hair straightening salons offering hair straightening procedures for customers. But do you know which procedure is right for your hair and which one would fail you? Every hair type has a specific straightening requirement to be completely straight. You would need to consider things like duration of straightening, permanent or temporary? Do you have a budget for expensive treatments? Is it right for your hair? Would it cause any damage to your hair etc.? Here we will discuss the main types of hair straightening procedures and other details that you should know before going for hair straightening procedure.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

This is a type of hair straightening treatment in which your hair would be soaked in keratin solution. With so many active keratin particles on your hair, they would get straight. This coating is sealed on the hair with help of heat irons to stay longer on your hair. This procedure would get washed away after a few months or days as opted while applying. This procedure of hair straightening straightens hair keeping your hair body strong. It is less harmful and may cost 250$ on an average. It can be considered temporary as it would fade away after duration.

Japanese Hair Straightening

Under this process your hair would be applied with a special chemical solution that would break down protein bonds from the hair and your hair would get pin straight permanently. But, this procedure may take away luster and shine as protein portion fades away from hair. It is more like a permanent treatment and would make your hair straight hair for long duration. It is also a costly method and would cost you around 300$ to 1000$.

Home Straightening Tools and Methods

You would find various products and shampoos that would actually straighten your hair temporarily. These would fade away after one or two wash and would cost you less. You would need to pay average 75$ for each treatment and enjoy simple straight hair applying or using them by yourself.

These are few of the conventional and non-conventional methods of hair straightening. You can select from a variety of treatments keeping in mind your requirement and for what duration you want each of them to work for you. Celebrity hair stylist rockville though does not recommend any hair treatment that can potentially damage hair as they describe hair to be vitally strong to keep them looking beautiful.

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