5 Steps Mankind can take to Save the Earth

Environment saving has become the survival truth. In order to live in a healthy world, we all have to work to save the environment. The pollution, deforestation and overuse of natural resources have made earth the ‘filthiest planet’. Many children are unknown to the fact that how natural soil feel and smell like? It is because we humans are filling our world with garbage.

Saving the Environment

Nowadays, people are either too busy or too lazy to look after the mess they are making to ruin the natural resources. Modern lifestyle is the primary reason behind increasing environmental pollution. The automobiles are polluting the air, chemicals are polluting water, fertilizers are making the land barren, tree cutting is disturbing flora and fauna, and overuse of natural resources is creating environmental imbalance. It’s now or never! The entire mankind has to take some action to protect the mother earth.

5 ways to protect the environment

Go Green:

Plant trees and help our earth to become green planet again. By planting trees, you can reduce global warming and trees will be the most beautiful gift to the environment. Trees will create a healthy atmosphere and adorn our surroundings. People should sow one seed at the time of their child’s birth and watch how a tree grows with their child.

Walk or cycle:

Leave your mortar-bike or car at home and try walking or cycling. By doing this you will not only improve your health, but also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Just for 1 day in a week, try walking or cycling- it feels good!


Recycling helps in reducing pollution. And it is pollution that is killing our environment. You can recycle by disposing that soda bottle in different dustbin.
If you have to choose between two products, then select product with less packaging. More packaging means more polythene. And polythene is not recyclable. It pollutes the environment.
Also, use recyclable paper to save trees.

Save water

Water is really very precious. There are many countries in the world where people do not get sufficient drinking water. If you keep wasting water like this, then one day entire world will have to face scarcity of water.

Turn off your devices

When you are not using fan, computer, AC, T.V or any other electrical or electronic device please turn them off. Do not waste electricity. Such small actions can really aid to environment.

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