Difference between Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment

Are you just as confused about the differences between a Brazilian blowout salon and a keratin treatment salon as many people are initially? It is easy to get confused about them. After all, the hair industry is filled with so many new hair treatments. It is almost impossible to keep up.

Especially since both the keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout provide similar results for your hair. They are both used to make your hair smoother, straighter and shinier as well as reduce hair frizz.

Keratin Treatment vs Brazilian Blowout

There are various differences between a keratin treatment and a Brazilian blowout. Before worrying about what sets these two apart, it is important to figure out what exactly is meant by keratin treatment and a Brazilian blowout.

What is keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment is a type of treatment that it used to smoothen the hair by using hair proteins called keratin. It is a chemical process that helps in reducing the hair frizz and bring more shine to it.

What is a Brazilian blowout?

Brazilian blowout is a semi-permanent process of smoothing the hair and making it look shinier and frizz free. It uses its own chemical that is locked into the hair with a hair iron.

Now that we know the basic definitions of each treatment, it will be easier to understand their differences.

What sets a keratin treatment and a Brazilian blowout apart?

A Brazilian blowout is a smoothing treatment that uses a protein taken from plants. These plants based amino acids serve as the major ingredient of a Brazilian blowout. This means that unlike in keratin treatment, a Brazilian blowout does not use keratin to smoothen the hair.

It uses a protein coating of the plant based amino acids and uses it to straighten the hair, giving it a shinier look. The protein coating is locked into the hair using the heat from a hair iron. It reduces hair density as well as curls to give a smoother, straighter look.

On the other hand, keratin treatment uses a smaller molecular protein called keratin. This helps in repairing the hair both from the inside and the outside, giving a smoother, straighter and shinier look. Keratin treatments will also reduce hair frizz as well as make your hair stronger.

With proper care, keratin treatments last longer than Brazilian blowouts. These treatments are also customizable just like Brazilian blowouts. However, it is said that Brazilian blowouts are comparatively more customizable.

Brazilian blowout coats your hair with protein, unlike keratin treatments which penetrates and seal the protein in your hair. Due to this, Brazilian blowouts do not last as long as keratin treatments. Another major difference in both the treatments is their downtime.

After a keratin treatment, you cannot tie up or wash your hair for 3 to 4 days. This is not the case with a Brazilian blowout. With a Brazilian blowout, you can go back to your regular routine, wash your hair and even tie as soon as your step out of the salon.


Both keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts provide the same outcome for your hair. This means you can choose either treatment for your hair based on your preferences. However, make sure whichever treatment you choose does not contain formaldehyde.

This is a chemical that is said to be also a carcinogen. Carcinogens are any substance that can cause cancer. This makes it an extremely dangerous chemical to use in hair treatments. While formaldehyde-free treatments may not last as long, it is definitely better to save yourself from any such health issues.

If you visit decent hair straightening salons Rockville, chances are that they would not use any formaldehyde-based products! So, decide wisely.

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